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C - April 26

How early in your pregnancy did you start noticing your symptoms? I've only been off the pill for two weeks, but that past few days I've been very emotional and not feeling all that great (but think it's more allergies). Do you just wait to see if your next period comes before taking a test? I think my syptoms are more my body just adjusting to not being on the pill (but my husband and i have been trying).


nhb - April 26

you're probably right it's just your body adjusting to not having the pill; but usually, you have to wait until you HAVE a period before you'll ovulate even somewhat regularly . . . but definitely, I'd wait at least until you missed one before taking a test. You never know though; stranger things have happened! I got pregnant ON the pill and continued taking it for four months into my pregnancy w/ my son . . . didn't even know it until I missed my 4th period (at which time the package insert said to go to the dr's, but it was fine to miss up to three) . . . found out I was 18 weeks pg. Good luck to you though!


C - April 26

Actually, I immediatly got my period the day after I stopped taking the pill. I believe I'm ovulating this week.


sarita - April 26

As far as the symptoms go...I dunno. But as far as taking a test goes....take all the tests you want. When you are trying to concieve, you either don't believe them, or a__sume it's too early, etc. If you do want to take a a bunch of em!! (I took 4..and still went to the clinic just to make sure, lol)...p.s. the dollar stores have them now for $1!!!! Much cheaper than the $20 a pop ones at the grocery store!


C - April 26

I'm trying not to think too much about, but since i know we're trying, i don't know if i have it in me to wait until my next period. I sound like a little kid, but we are just so ready to start a family. I know it will happen when it happens and I can't look into every little symptom, but it's hard not to. Especially when they all can be so similar to other things.


vanessa - April 26

It is possible to get pregnant right after the pill (my sister conceived within 2 weeks) but I think it takes a bit longer in most cases. I have been pill free since June of 2004 and I'm still pluggin' away. Don't get discouraged. I remember that my first couple of months were really crazy... I had pimples and my b___bs hurt SO BAD and I would have really bad cramps and headaches. I think the hormone changes are harder on our bodies than we think. But... it is possible that you are already pregnant. I would wait until the day you think your period should start (which might be hard since you haven't charted a cycle since stopping the pill) and if it doesn't show up, take a test to be sure. Good luck C. I hope it all works out for you!


C - April 26

Thanks vanessa. Good luck to you too. What will make this difficult is that I was on seasonal, so I really don't know when it's suppose to come.



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