Symptoms For A Second Pregnancy

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kellen - October 7

I gave birth to my son four months ago and am now 6 weeks pregnant. Are the signs for second pregnancy's different then for first pregnancy's. I'm a bit timid to tell people because I don't feel very pregnant. No br___t tenderness at all ( could this be because My br___t have already prepared themselves for feeding the first time...or possably because my son is only 4 months) I am extremely tired, but my son still wakes up at night. I have discharge and dizzyness but that's it. I don't remember it taking this long for more symptoms to show up the first time...what should I do....or am I paranoid?


jen - October 7

sounds alittle fishy...if you think something is wrong go to your doctor. I had very few symp in my first preg and it resulted in a miscarrage


keekee - October 7

Every pregnancy is different. It's still early and soon you will likely feel pregnant. Give your body time and pregnancy mode will kick in. Honey, I wouldn't worry at all. Congrats and have a happy 9 months of pregnancy!!!


liz - October 7



Ellen - October 7

To Jen- Don't scare her like that!!! Everyone knows that pregnancies can range from alot of to vertually no symptoms at all!!! Kellen- Don't worry hon, I'm sure everything is fine, but if you want a little piece of mind, just make an early appointment to see your doctor and he can check you out with a quick exam and a few tests. I'm just as far along as you and that is just what I did because I had some concerns of discharge I was having and everything turned out fine. I wouldn't worry sweethart. I'm sure everything is fine.


N - October 7

kellen I don't think there is anything wrong with that. I am pregnant with #2 (much further apart though, my son was 18 months when i got pregnant again). I didn't have many symptoms for the first few weeks.. around 8 weeks the morning sickness kicked in. My friend is also pregnant with number #2 (her babies will only be 11 months apart) and she said she barely had any symptoms at all.. not even morning sickness. I am sure your body is just used to be pregnant, and since hormone levels are still pretty low right now, it's not such a shock to your system like last time was. Give it a few weeks. Alot of first time mom's don't even have symptoms, so i wouldn't worry. If you are worried, make an appointment to see the doc early, like Ellen said. I am sure they will be willing to see you since you just had a baby. Congrats on the babies, take care :)



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