Symptoms Spotting Neg Hpt

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Brianna - July 25

Hey!! I have a problem...I have a lot of pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, br___t tenderness, frequent urination, food aversions, and occasionally food cravings. Well I started my period but it was light and it was pretty much spotting, and sorry if TMI, but now there is only brown blood when I wipe. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it turned up negative. Any advice on what I should and if it's still possible that I could be pregnant and all that..


Jenny - July 26

Hi, I have the same problem, only I know that I had spotting and it wasn't my period, it was very light and only showed up on the tissue.


Same situation - July 28

Hey Brianna. I am suffering from the same symptoms, although its still to early to take a pregnancy test. I havent missed a period yet but i started spotting a week and a half before my period is supposed to start. very confused. I just cant wait till i can go for a pregnancy test, but infact pregnancy tests arent always accurate. I suggest you go to your gp and take test. I hope it all turns out for the best. good luck.


Gagliani - July 28

You guys, I have been consumed by it this month. I have been trying for four months now and normally I just wait to see if I get my period or not, but this month I haven't been able to focus at work, I feel like I'm going nutso. I have a 5 week cycle and still have about 2 weeks until my AF shows up, but I have been feeling like I am having PMS symptoms sorta, although I KNOW that's not what it is because like I said, it's not time. I am having a light cramping in my lower tummy, and my b___bs have just become a little sore today actually, and I have been feeling nauseous, and different smells that I used to like now bother me, and I have been tired and practically falling asleep at work and all. But I am so torn because even if I were pregnant wouldn't it be to early to be feeling these symptoms? I've heard it's not but also, I don't know if I just want to be pregnant so badly that I am leading myself to believe, I am feeling these symptoms, although I am pretty sure that's not it. Then I am scared to take a test next week or whenever, because I am so nervous it will be negative. I want that positive so bad, and even though I need to know one way or the other, it's like as long as you don't see that negative, there is still hope!



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