Taking Baths

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Maddie - April 23

I love taking baths. Especially being 32 wks. along, my feet hurt SO BAD! I love to sprinkle Carnation dried milk into the tub and just soak. It's cute to see the baby move around so much too. Just really relaxing. Anyway...what are the hazards (if any) when taking baths while pregnant? I don't have it so hot that I'm sweating...but it's not really "luke warm" either. Has anyone taken baths throughout a pregnancy and had a perfectly healthy baby? Need some advice...thanks girls.


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - April 24

This is one of my favorite things to do. I have read that it is fine as long as the water is not over 102-104. I bought one of those pool thermometers on a string and keep it in the tub to monitor the water temp. I love hot baths and this helps me make sure the water is too hot. Enjoy.....


mandy~ - April 24

baths are fine, thats what iv been told and they say relaxing aswel. i called the the midwife/doc to see if it was safe to have a spa while preg, they said its totally fine aslong as the temp is not no higher than 36 degrees, iv heard split advice about having spa while pregnant but i was more than happy to find out that it is ok! the only thing is, i dont have the jets on full blast (my own personal reson) i think the noise of the jets and water is to loud i dont want to disturbe my baby lol i know... im weird!


Jen - April 24

My doctor told me that they were fine you just don't want to have it so hot that you raise your body temp above normal. 102-104 sounds about right


42 - April 24

The only hazard for me is trying to get in and out of the bath without falling on my a__s! I'm finding increasingly hard to manoeuvre with this enormous bump.


Maddie - April 24

It's definately getting more difficult for me to get in and out, especially since the left side of the tub is not as wide as the right!


Sally, midwife - May 22

hot baths, ie..over 101 degres causes your blood to rise to the surface and come away from the core(baby). there by restricting blood and oxygen to the baby. This could be the reason why your baby is more active when in the bath she may be uncomfortable and under stress.


. - May 22

The water shouldn't be so hot that you have to slowly ease yourself into it to get used to the temperature.


vanessa - June 13

Yes I took baths througout my whole last pregnancy moderatley warm and had no problems


Amanda - June 14

I also LOVE taking baths, we have a jacuzzi in our bath, the only thing I have been told is dont make it hotter than 106, but the 102-104 sounds a little better, because acutally about 30 min. ago i took a bath and the temp was 101.2, which is actually pretty warm! so 106 is probably way off...


ilse - June 14

My doctor told me that hot baths are only risky during the first trimester - mainly because of the risk of the fetus developing spina bifida. Anything under 110 degrees and less than 20 minutes is supposed to be fine.


Kay - November 15

I worked in Gyn field as a medical a__sistant for 5 years and now am pregnant with my first child. We never advised patients against taking warm baths. Hot tubs are dangerous because of the risk of a high bacterial content, and they are so hot they can raise your CORE temperature. A regular warm bath is fine as far as I know. You should not have to "adjust" to the temperature as you get in because it is so warm.


ra - November 15

THIS IS OLD! but still good info


Luv 'Em - November 15

I took hot baths everyday when pregnant, and my daughter is perfectly healthy & normal!


To Maddie - November 16

I've never heard of adding Carnation to water but it sounds like a milk bath. I might try it!


mom42 - November 16

An embarra__sing comment on baths however-I went to the hospital with a false alarm of broken water...forgot that I had taken a bath, then laid down, it was water leaking out... I have never noticed water leaking out of my v____a with previous baths-maybe the increased notice of everything "down there" at 39 weeks, or maybe my body was so odd, it was taking on water...



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