Taking Paxil

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Melanie - May 2

I am 8 wks pregnant and 19yrs old. ive been taking Paxil since I was younger for panic attacks....i asked my doctor/pharmicist if I can still take it while being pregnant, and they said that it's MY decision. There isnt much research on the effects of Paxil on the fetus. I know, though, that I can't go off of it or I will go nuts...what do you think???


lili - May 2

hey is me lily, let me tell you should get other doctors opinion b/c the psychologist that i went to see for my panic attacks told me that is very critical not to take any antidepresant medication for at least the first 3 months, and my OBGYN said the same thing i know it sounds very awful but i dont want you or the baby to get hurt, in another hand if this is the only way you can go through this i hear you, but get another opinion, who know probably this is your chance of getting completly off the pill, at least thats the way i see it, i dont want to be taking this medication for ever, good luck mel send me an e-mail later if you feel like chating....ill be here for what ever you need


April - May 2

I would also ask your doctor if there is anything you can do besides taking the pills to reduce your panic attacks. Like eliminating some of the stress in your life. For instance, if work causes panic attacks, see if your doctor will put you on medical leave. Or maybe eliminating whatever else it is that causes the panic attacks. Personally I hate Paxil. My cousin got addicted to it. Large crouds used to give her panic attacks. She was also severely depressed and all her psychologists would try to load her up with drugs. She eventually got off everything she was given and got over her illness (panic attacks included) without the help of any drugs. I'm so proud of her.


Mel - May 3

Does anyone else have any opinions on this? im already over 2 months pregnant and Ive continued to take Paxil. Im so scared...


April - May 3

Seriously... talk to your doctor about the risks... they would know better than most of us untrained people... your doctor's opinion should always matter more than some strangers on the internet... (as long as you trust your doctor)


April - May 3

I just thought of something else... maybe you could so an internet search on paxil and the effects on pregnancy... go too google.com and type in "paxil pregnancy research" or something like that and see what comes up...


Maleficent - May 3

i'm currently taking paxil. i've done alot of research, talked with my doctor and a phyciatric councilor and decided to wean off of it for my last trimester. i'm currently down to half my dosage and doing much better than i thought i would. if you would like some links or someone to talk to you are more than welcome to email me. mrsmaleficent@myway.com don't worry AT ALL about being on it for now. the only known complications are during late pregnancy, and you have a while to decide what is best for you and your baby.


anxiety gone - May 12

I don't know if you are religious but I will pray for you and your baby cause I used to have anxiety and it was horrible. Now that I know it is gone we are trying to conceive our 3rd child. Pray and you will be answered. Good luck



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