Tale Of Delivery

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JLorenzo - May 9

Well, we went to get induced at 7pm on Wednesday. They gave my wife cervadil and almost immediately she started with contractions. They were irregular and called hypersensitive. It occurs in 25% of inductions. They broke her water the following morning and she slowly started to dilate. She got to 7cm 12 hours later. Loaded with Epidural, they decided to have a c-section because it would have been alot longer before she reached 10cm. During all this, her IV was infiltrated and it caused her hand to swell alot. Well the C-section went well and the baby was healthy. But a c-section is difficult for the mom and no one really instructed Stacey how to handle it. She is fine now. Her ankles are swollen and she is tired from Percocet. But we have a lovely little one. One piece of advice I have for first timers is to take advantage of the nurses and staff. It was so scary getting home yesterday and last night was hard. We kept the baby in the nursery at night so my wife could heal. But we are thrown into the fire without a hydrant. But it is tiring and rewarding!


Jenn... - May 9

Thank you for sharing! I think it is so helpful to hear the birth stories of others. It makes you realize you can't expect too much because you never know what might happen. Sounds like Stacey had a hard time, and will need your tlc while she recovers. You have a BEAUTIFUL and healthy baby girl - Congratulations again!!


Ouch - May 9

Sounds wonderful to see your baby so healthy-- but the other things sounded 'Ouch!' *lol. My first time...any more info, Josh? like was your wife in pain...and for how long? I'm scared to death...and I have 6 more months to go to get ready (or not) ...


tara - May 9

First of all CONGRATULATIONS to you and Stacey!!! Also thanks for all the info especially taking advantage of the nurses. I'm freaked out about labor all together c-section or not - but it's good to hear the experiences of others who have recently been through this. All the best and congrats again. :o)


Lissi - May 9

Does hypersensitive mean strong or extra painfull?


JLorenzo - May 10

Hi all, yes my wife was in pain. Hypersensitive contractions mean strong and painful. Basically, you rely on yourself to get pain medication because the doctors only go by what you tell them. And the problem with that is if this is your first labor, how do you know what a painful contraction is? Especially one that just starts! I actually am on baby patrol right now trying to make sure my wife recuperates. Between her snoring and Abby's two hour feedings and tantrums, I am running on empty! And we have only been home almost 48 hours!


BBK - May 10

Josh, that sounds nerve-wrecking.... but it's all good now. Since she was worn out already by the time c-section came, it was even harder on her, but she'll be fine soon. I hear a lot that metaphor of fire w/o hydrant A LOT! Just hang in there bud!


D - May 10

I'm sorry to hear about your wife's pain... (and very happy to hear about Abby.... hopefully the tantrums won't last too long! :-) I am glad to know how it went for you folks, but it really scares me... I wonder what on earth I have gotten myself into! I'm a trying to go natural, but could be c-section person myself, and it makes it pretty hard to know how to prepare the mind! So.... the short of it is, I'm glad to hear you say its rewarding! Good luck! I'm sure things will get better soon! :-)


wow - May 10

Congratulations!! Now, I'm scared to death!! I am going in Sunday night to have the Cervadil inserted and was already nervous before hearing your story. I have been hearing that there is more of a chance for a c-section if you're induced. Bless her heart, I hope she gets better soon and hang in there. Your wife is lucky she has such a supportive husband!



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