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mindy - December 6

i know you're not suppose to tan while pregnant. however, i was wondering if the chemicals in a mist-on bed are harmful as well.


Ann - December 6

Hi Mindy-Actually, you can tan while pregnant. I didn't think it was but I spoke to my doctor and I've done a lot of research on it. The UV rays do not harm the baby as they only penetrate the first layer of your skin. The doctor said that I should be concerned with how hot I get in the tanning bed or it will do the same damage a hot tub or hot bath would do. As long as you keep cool and keep your body temperature down, your baby will be fine. It;s really up to how you feel about it. I tan maybe once a week just to keep some color through the winter and I'm 10 weeks preggo. Good Luck!!!!


m - December 6

Ann, I didn't know that. I'd like to read on that. Can you tell me some of the sites you researched? Thanks!


Dez - December 6

hmm Interesting, I was told it was a no no.


Ann - December 7

You can go to this link : http://www.mommyguide.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=41 I copy and pasted the article below in case the link didn't work but there are a lot of sites on the internet, just type in "tanning while pregnant" Is it safe to tan in tanning beds while you're pregnant? The answer might surprise you - read this story to find out more... Tanning Bed Safety During Pregnancy Can I use a tanning bed safetly while I'm pregnant or will it harm my unborn baby? The radiation that you receive in a tanning salon is ultraviolet radiation (UVA), not ionizing radiation like x-rays. Robert L. Brent, MD, PhD, Ken Barat (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory), and Gary Zeman, Sc.D., CHP are all in agreement that although UVA radiation is dangerous to you, UVA does not penetrate far enough into the body to affect any tissues beyond the skin, and therefore, should not harm the baby. You do need to be concerned of indirect side effects of suntanning, such as exposure to heat and possible dehydration, however; according to LookingFit.com, that is also a minor concern, and here's why: "Most of these [hyperthermia] problems are rare, have not been linked to indoor tanning and only have been a__sociated with prolonged exposure to temperatures of 102 degrees Fahrenheit or more for several hours in the early stages of pregnancy. Fortunately, regulatory standards typically limit the maximum temperature for commercial tanning devices to 100 F. As a rule, in the later stages of pregnancy, most doctors report that a normal fetus is less sensitive to heat, although caution still should be exercised." And, according to Michael D Benson, MD, FACOG, "Ultraviolet radiation cannot change your core body temperature without first burning the skin. The amount of radiation needed to significantly raise your core temperature would cause unbearable pain. As a result, significant and sustained increases in core body temperature would not be expected with commercial tanning equipment." It is believed to be more risky to sunbathe then it is to tan in a salon because while sunbathing, it's easier to overheat and become dehydrated.


m - December 7

I couldn't get that link to work. Glad you copied/pasted. I did find this article interesting, too: http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancyhealth/tanningmethods.html. Sounds like the concerns are centered around the first trimester during baby's formation... mainly with overheating. I get pretty hot as it is.... I think I'd be too afraid to risk it since I'm so hot-natured. :o)


KM - December 7

I still wouldn't feel right chancing it...but the mist on tans are fine it is just sugar and bronzer and aloe. I got one done when I was 4 mnths pregnant


Dez - December 8

well I was doing research also, and from what they say it is suppose to be ok, but like KM said I dont think I would take any chances on it. I tanned before I was pregnant and stopped when I was pregnant.


m - December 8

KM, how long do the spray ons last?


KM - December 8

Mine lasted like uhmm 2-3 wks I think. I did it for my prom, but I wished I had tried it out before (i did it like 2 days before prom) because the first time its easy to mess up if you get it done in the booth. You have to follow the directions carefully or your hands and feet can go orangey and stuff like that. I had to go get mine fixed at a place where they spray it on manually lol But when its done right it looks really nice


m - December 9

I may give it a try. But when they do it manually, do you have to be nude? I'm super modest, so I'm not sure I could stand there w/no clothes on. LOL


Dez - December 9

thanks m, and that was the worst side of me you saw (getting big headed), no Im just kidding, lol.


KM - December 9

well if you get in manually you can go nude or you can just wear a bra and panties, or a bikini.really its whatever you feel comfortable with because they have done ppl in the nude before.Yeah its funny how when youre in labour you dont care who sees you anymore after that lol.I'm gonna start tanning too after christmas.when its 6 wks past aarons b-day im gonna start going to the gym, my doc said you have to wait 6 wks to start exercising.And before bikini season im going to get my stretch marks laser removed lol I know I am so terrible about my appearance..


Dez - December 9

well km at 6 weeks we better get our birth control too otherwise count all that other stuff out, lol. tanning helps fade the stretch marks too, and if we start as soon as six weeks is up, we will be ready for summer. not quite bikini's for me, I dont think I will ever be ready for that anymore. but some short skirts and low cut tops will do it for me, lol.


NH - July 20

I really want to tan since it is summer, but I am scared of taking any chances. This is my first baby and I want it to be perfect. Should I listen to these comments on it being ok to tan?



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