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sam - May 2

what exposer to the sun is ok ..


Tracy W - May 2

Doesn't seem harmful to me. I've already been laying out for about a month and a half and am getting pretty dark. Getting ready for the water park to open this month. Last year we were there about every single day so I plan to be there a lot again this year.


prego nc - May 2

I don't think any amount of exposure is ok now, preg or not but it's not going to stop me from laying out. I think as far as harm to the baby it's okay as long as you don't get overheated. Drink lots of water and try not to get burned.


TONI - May 2

tanning is not harmful.. the rays do not penetrate to the baby. im tanning for sure


Missy - May 2

While tanning is harmful - it is not prejudiced to pregnant women. The UV rays aren't kind. But that being said - I am still out there eat summer at my local So Cali beach turning a golden color myself. We just all have to remember two things - one, pregnant women are more sensitive to sunlight and two, we should all be wearing plenty of SPF protection while out and about in general, but especially while tanning. EDD 10/2/05


Missy - May 2

I mean to say each summer - but I haven't eaten lunch yet and you can all see where my mind is!!!! LOL...


April - May 2

I think tanning outside would be okay.. just as long as you're drinking plenty of water and making sure that you're not overheating... as for tanning beds.. i wouldn't set foot in one of those while pregnant... no way...


Kaz - May 2

I guess none of you are in Australia. The books I've read advise strongly against it. The pigment in the skin is more susceptible to the sun damage. But they're books printed here and we do have the highest skin cancer rate.


britt - May 3

also if you get burned you will most likely swell so bad, you will get stretch marks on your feet


Lynn - May 3

Yes, the biggest worry about tanning is overheating (aside from skin cancer). Just stay cool & drink lots & if it's one of those days that the weatherman tells the pregnant & elderly to stay indoors - listen to him & don't go tanning. Also, some people may get blotchy when they tan because the skin pigmentation changes when you are pregnant & like Kaz said, your skin is more successible to damage from the sun while pregnant.. but if you're tanning anyway, you probably don't worry too much about that! lol... I myself have had melanoma removed so I am as white as a ghost... but I don't hide form the sun either..


Julie - May 3

I think laying out in the sun is fine. Getting that light from the sun is actually good for you I believe (vit. d). Just use sunscreen and don't get overheated.



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