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Jess_0711 - April 21

I am tanning weekly to bring up my tan for summer, but I am also trying to have a baby, I was wondering if I get pregnant is tanning harmful for the baby?


corinne - April 22

Yes it is.You don't want to have your body tempature rise very high while pregnant so tanning is pretty much out of the picture while your pregnant. You have to keep your body temp cool during pregnancy especially during summer.


sa__sifras - April 22

The tanning though does not affect the baby. The UV rays do not penetrate far enough, but corinne is right about your body temp. Only do it for short periods, or get a really good sunless tanner. Remember, lots of women get chloasma that gets much worse with sun exposure. I had it on my cheeks pretty light, but I have seen it where it actually looks like a mask of dark patches all over the face and around the eyes. It depends on how badly you crave that tan?


Joelle - April 22



corinne - April 22

O natural.


mom2b2x - April 22

i have always been told that tanning was ok as long as you stay cool but not to use a sunless taner or tanning lotion because it seeps into the pores in the skin and can get to the baby usually only in rare cases but ususing a sunless tanner has always been advised against ... ask your doctor he will be able to tell you more you can even call the nurse and ask her .... good luck


corinne - April 22

I was told by doctors that tanning beds are not good while pregnant. It can really cause harm on the baby and you because of the rise in tempature of the body.


sa__sifras - April 22

The sun outside has 3 UV rays, A, B, and C. A tanning bed has 1 or 2, A or B or both. If tanning in a bed is bad then outside is worse, plus all of the free radicals in the atmosphere to harm you. I am a licensed aesthetician, and I know that both are harmful to your skin, but the ONLY part harmful to your baby is your body temp rising too high for too long.


livdea - April 22

sa__sifras is right. I asked my dr about this same thing. He said obviously tanning isn't good for you but tanning in a bed isn't going to hurt the baby other then reaching your temp too high. He advised me to go to a high voltage bed (like a 10-12 min) and only go half the time. So thats what I did, six minutes, right then I'd start to get warm, so it was perfect. The rays do not penetrate down to the baby. I tanned for several weeks while pregnant in a tanning bed. Just yesterday I laid out in the sun for an hour. I drink lots of cool water and just make sure I don't over heat. tanning, obviously isn't healthy but its not going to hurt the baby unless you raise your temp.


Kristin72 - April 23

Using tanning machines while pregnant is NOT safe. What a tanning machine does is increase the body temperature of your core. Because we can not determine what exactly our temp would be in our core while using the machines, it is safest not to do it at all and chance raising the temperature of the fetus, which thrives only in perfect conditions. Think of a microwave oven how it cooks from the inside out..the food may be cool to the touch, but when you bite into it, it is steaming. I would not take ANY chances..but again it is up to the individual. Fake it.. and Try bronzers...it is only 9-10 months of being pale and you can have a healthy child :) without the worry that you may have done any harm.



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