Tanning Backside With Belly

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Leahp - April 12

Does anyone have any creative ways of tanning your backside with a belly, since it becomes hard to lay flat?? I love laying out in the sun, but it would be funny to have just my front side tan!!!


Becca - April 12

Do you live near a beach? If so, you could dip yourself a hole for your belly and lay there with your belly in the hole??? Or maybe find a beach chair that you could cut some of the area out where your belly goes. Thats the only two things I could think of. :O)


Leahp - April 12

Oh! how I wish I lived near the beach but I live in Missouri!!! The only thing I could think of was get a baby pool and a raft and float!


j - April 12

what about stacking pillows under your legs and chest, teen just a thin one for your belly to rest on...ah the things we have to go through in the name of procreation....


Layla - April 12

Find which way the sun is positioned and lay on your side facing the sun, just remember to turn. Becca, I love your answer. If I ever see a pregnant person digging hole I am going to laugh. That si funny girl, but it would work!


Rachel* - April 12

I have a funny story related to Becca's response. When my mom was pregnant with my brother (in the early '80s) she lived two blocks away from the beach, so she was there all of the time. She told me that she would dig a hole for her belly when she was pregnant to lay on her front side. One time this guy came over to her with some pick-up line. When she rolled over he ran like the wind!! I crack up when I picture how this must have looked. She gets a kick out of it too.


tiffani - April 12

Do you have access to a pool? All you have to do is get one of those b__w up mats and lay on your belly and float away. Remember that you won't feel uncomfortable, because the water doesn't resist your belly. Do you get what i'm saying?


lynn - April 12

leahp, i live in missouri also, my sister in law used to float on a raft in my pool to tan her back


Leahp - April 13

Ahhh! Missouri, what part if you don't mind me asking? I'm right in the STL. I think we have our own little hidden secret being a Missourian, the scenic riverways are great!!! I miss the Current river!



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