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livdea - January 11

Can I go to a tanning bed? just started my 4th month.


m - January 11

I would advise against it. The rays can't penetrate deep enough to get to the baby. HOWEVER, if you get too hot.... and it doesn't take long!.... that can and will hurt the baby. It is not a good idea to do anything that could harm the baby! Just think, you can get back in the tanning bed in about 5 more months. Until then, get some self tanning lotion, or go to a salon and get the spray tan. Pregnancy is about our babies, not about our vanity. That isn't an insult. I like the beds, too!


livdea - January 11

I have to ask, because I just moved from Hawaii to Montana, because I'm having a baby. I have to admit, I miss the sun, not so much the 'tan' but I it makes you feel better and that's more of my reason for asking, not so that I'm pasty, I'm more worried about my horrible depression that has crept up since my move.


jg - January 11

I agree with m - i wouldn't use them for the same reason as you are advised not to take hot baths - if you start to feel hot, then you ARE too hot which can affect the baby. Do something that will make you feel good about yourself. I always ask my husband "do I look incredibly beautiful today, or stunningly s_xy?" That way he has two options on how to compliment me, and either of them are good and make me feel good!! Be happy, you've got a little life inside of you and soon it will make you so incredibly happy and content, that this time of not feeling so good will be a distant memory. But take care that your depression does not become overwhelming, and talk to someone if you think it may be more serious that just not feeling so great, okay!?


jb - January 11

That is a big change going from Hawaii to Montana....especially in the winter. If you had lived in Hawaii all/most of your life you probably have a nice skin tone already. Just think of people like me if you need something to smile about. I live in Wisconsin and we just set a record of 17 days without seeing the sun. My legs are so white that I can't tell where my socks stop and my legs begin!!! I also can relate to the depression that you are experiencing. Hopefully it is just a seasonal depression with being "locked up" in the house all day because it is to cold out to do any activities. If it is more than that, do go see a doctor. They can get you on an anti-depressant that is safe during pregnancy. I was on one for a few years for depression and it made a world of difference. I felt like a whole new person. And it is true, your body "just knows" when it is time to stop taking the pills. I wish you the best.



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