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lacy - September 30

Anyone have any input on whether its ok to tan while preggers? I have done a bunch of research and it says that the rays cant penetrate far enough to hurt baby...and im getting married in one month and dont want to look like a blob of vanilla ice cream! Has anyone else done it? thanks


Cathy - September 30

Tanning while pg is a big NO NO. It raises your body heat and essentionally "cooks" the baby. Not good, I would use the spray on booths. Congrats on the wedding! and baby


A - September 30

Use a bronzer instead...there's so many great products out there; no need to increase your cancer risks. And as stated above, it's a HUGE no no for pregnancy. DON'T do it.


Lisa - September 30

I wouldn't...esp. in a tanning bed. Use the self tanner...you can go to the spa and they will apply it so you get it everywhere evenly.


B - September 30

You need to ask your doctor. Many give approval for short periods of time, but yours might not. It will NOT cook your baby however. That drives me crazy when people spread false information.


TCB - September 30

It drives me crazy when people even think about doing c___p like getting in tanning beds and drinking. I would rather look like a blob of vanilla ice cream then to ever hurt my baby. Advice from my DH if you have to ask if its ok then its probably not.


cindy - October 1

i got married 3 weeks ago, and had the same problem (didn't want to look like casper the friendly ghost) in my wedding pics, i'm 24 weeks now. i asked my doctor, he said the spray tan was ok, but definetly no tanning bed, check with yours though, everyone's doctor is different.


lei - October 1

actually b your wrong.. yes fair enough saying it will cook the baby is a bit far fetched.. but it does rise your body tempreture drastically also effects the baby.. so yes it can harm, and any real doctor will tell you to stay off them, your baby is more important than your looks.. isnt it?


>>>> - October 1

I was tanning before i knew i was preg up till 6 weeks as soon as i found out i stoped right away cant be good as they say to stay out of hot tubs also and the self tanners i would not use either as it penitrates into your skin and who know what it is I am sure one day they will say it causes cancer to anything that makes you tanned is unatural and cant be good for you why does everyone think they have to lok a certain way you should feel beautiful just being and pre dont look phoney for you wedding day be you that who your dh is marring not some makeup faced uphairdue tanned body just be yourself he will love you for it if not he isnt worht it


To TCB - October 1

You need to calm down she never said that she ws going to tan she just asked to get the information first so instead of getting all worked up why dont you look at the bright side of it!!!


Nat - October 1

It DOES NOT cook the baby! A tanning bed is just the same as getting UV rays from the sun, this does not hurt the baby. The only thing you should worry about is getting to hot-which can cause spinal problems for the baby. They also say it's not got to lay on your back for long periods of time so if you do get in a tanning bed make sure it is one that has a fan to keep cool and try bending your legs (like where your knees touch the top of the bed) to help with circulation!


Cora - October 1

Tanning for short periods of time, whether it be in a tanning bed or out in the sun is actually beneficial. But remember to keep it short and keep the fans on while in the tanning bed. And about hot tubs, we're not told to stay out of them completely, but to keep your sessions short as well. As in under 10 minutes, and dont dunk yourself right up to your neck. Avoid raising your temp too high. Good luck !


**** - October 2

I have a friend who works at a tanning salone and she says stay away they dont allow pregnat people to use the beds exp the high ones are even worse there is to much heat the fans make you feel cooler but the heat is still penitrataing through but its up to you but alot of places if they are smart will refuse you there have been cause of law suits and she has everyone sign a form before they go the first time and has all the reg and rules to cover there b___ts just use commen sense is all think of the baby if in doubt just dont do it


Cathy - October 3

Ok first of all I didn't say it actually cooks the baby. Reread my posts.... It raises your body tempature to an unsafe level which can effect the baby. If the baby gets too hot inside it can cause all sorts of problems including miscarriage. Believe me, I am an old pro to losing babies. My doctor and almost everywhere on the web I have read on this subject has said the same thing. Don't do it. I researched this with my last pregnancy because I was tanning almost everyday before I found out and I did lose the baby. Mistakes that I have made I hope that I can help others not to make. I am not on here to ridicule others, just to help any way I can.


Cathy - October 3

as for hot tubs.... short periods of time in a tub that is 100° or cooler is fine. As long as your body temp doesn't rise too high and your are not in a high risk pregnancy. I have a hot tub and I researched this as well.... The whole key is not to rise your body temp to unsafe levels for the baby. As when you are sick and have a fever, if your temp goes over 100 you need to call your doctor and if it rises to 102 or higher you need to be seen ASAP.


Jessica - October 3

NO you should not tan in a tanning bed that is not good!!! You should think about the baby before thinking about what you look like. And Nat I think you are the only person who says that it is ok, Don't you think there is something wrong with that?!!!!!!!


Lacy - October 3

I appreciate the input of those of you actually trying to help. And to the rest of you, I never said that my looks were more important than my baby. If i cared more about that, then dont you think i would have started tanning by now? Some of you women just want to take your hormonal imbalances out on someone else, which is fine, but its hard to take your opinions seriously when you present no facts along with them...I thought the point of this forum was to ask questions. my mistake i guess.



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