Tanning During Pregnancy

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Richmond - February 24

I'm in a wedding next week and am 13 wks pregnant - is it ok to go to a tanning salon for a little color? I know my doctor would say it's never ok to tan due to risk of skin cancer, but will it harm the baby?


P - February 24

Don't know if it will harm the baby or not. Have you thought of those self-tanner thingy's? Some are really good like the Vichy one. Maybe your doctor will like that idea better. Or maybe they won't be in love with the idea of covering your largest organ in chemicals and ok the tanning bed.


tiffani - February 24

Not sure, but an alternative would be a spray on tan, which is also done at a tanning salon. Gives you a great tan in minutes, without the possibility of doing harm to the baby. :o)


m - February 24

I wouldn't take the chance of harming my baby to look good in a wedding, they now have spray on tans I wouldn't go to the Tanning bed though!!!!!


P - February 24

The more I think about it the less I like the idea of the self-tanners. You're covering your entire body in chemicals which will, in turn, be absorbed into your blood stream. I think it's the repeated use of tanning beds that is the problem so I doubt once or twice will harm you or the baby. Definitely check with your doctor though.


Julie - February 24

I heard tanning beds are not safe because of the heat. I would try mystic tan or those new at home tanning sprays most of them have natural ingrediants and I heard they are safe.


t - February 24

Yes, you can tan when you are pregnant.


KM - February 24

I say go with the spray on tan. I did it for my prom while I was pregnant, it looked great, not fake or orangey. Just do it about 3 days before to make sure you followed the directions correctly and get the results you wanted. The spray on tan is harmless, its just sugar,aloe, and bronzer.I did some research on this while I was pregnant. My doctor also suggest the spray on. Tanning while pregnant isnt safe, or worth the risk. The heat is a risk, especially in early pregnancy. It's the same thing as how it isn't advised to take hot baths or showers while preggo. Your temp. should not go over 100.


rose - February 24

i have always heard your not supposed to...the heat or the uv rays or something....i dont know for sure but i always avoided it



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