Tanning Ok

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pregoRN - February 13

Is mystic tanning ok?


kat - February 13

ive read in other posts that its safe :o)


KM - February 13

yes. its just bronzer, sugar, and aloe. I got it done when I was pregnant. I did some research and asked my doctor. you're safe


Karen - February 14

This is good to hear since I like to use mystic tanning before special occasions, etc. I have also been told it's safe but I am curious to see if anybody heard about a report on the news last year about it being dangerous to inhale? I didn't see the report but a friend told me that their were chemicals in the bronzer that might not be safe. I'm hoping that this is a false report.


Leahp - February 14

What about suntanning. I'll be at my biggest this summer and would love to wear a bikini at my family's lake and tan, would this be safe? I can only find maternity swimsuits that are huge skirts and tops, I would still like to have a cute bikini with a preggo belly!


J - February 14

Tell me how long does the mystic tan last? And is it evenly spread and is it orange? I am thinking about it but want to make sure it is worth the $$


kat - February 14

j it lasts around a week,it costs about £20,not sure what that is in $ though,it looks natural but i personally found that when it wears off it doesnt look to good!


KM - February 14

it lasts roughly 2 wks. It doesn't go orangey if you do it correctly. They have a lotion you put on your hands,feet,knees and elbows, because those spots tend to go orange if you dont. It costs 30$ canadian. It is evenly spread if you follow their instructions.some places do it manually instead of the booth.You get better results that way I find. Leah P, I agree wear a bikini and show off your belly lol. I wore one all summer at the beach when I had a huge preggo tummy. I know you can tan normally at tanning salons because its not safe, and too much sun probably isnt good while preggo either.



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