Tanning Salons Stupid Question

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Aprill - August 29

Is it ok to go tanning...?? That a stupid question?


Jenny - August 29

It's your choice...people may look at you and say hateful things. But it is your body and your baby!


Tonia - August 29

It is your choice. However, the heat will make your body temperature rise above a level that is not known whether or not it will cause damage to a fetus. Most tanning salons will have it posted that you should not tan if you think you might be pregnant. Better safe than sorry.


L - August 29

It is not safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............


Jenny - August 29

Do some research L The radiation that you receive in a tanning salon is ultraviolet radiation (UVA), not ionizing radiation like x-rays. Robert L. Brent, MD, PhD, Ken Barat (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory), and Gary Zeman, Sc.D., CHP are all in agreement that although UVA radiation is dangerous to you, UVA does not penetrate far enough into the body to affect any tissues beyond the skin, and therefore, should not harm the baby


L - August 29

Jenny it is not the radiation that is the problem because I do understand the types. It is the temperature. If you do some research you would find it is the rise in your body temperature. You do not want your body temperature to be above 100 degrees for a period of time in the first trimester because it can cause damage to the fetus.


April - August 29

Well I would not be doing it once I was 6+ months pregnant!! I only go for 10 minutes in a turbo bed and do not get any hotter than I would walking outside on a summer day, or having a hot shower. I know that the rays in a tanning bed are better than the actual sun,... but lets face it we all cant avoid the sun outside right? So it obviously cant be that bad... or we all would be in trouble! I dont think that the tanning bed gets my temperature to over 100 degrees. I couldnt stand that if that were the case. Thanks everyone tho for your opinions!



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