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Angela - March 10

can I get a tattoo if i'm pregnant?


candy - March 9

you're not supposed to. the ink is bad for the baby and a lot of tats have to be redone. My sister-in-law had one while pregnant and it got really infected and the color didn't stay the doctor told her never to do it again while pregnant!


rebecca - March 10

i got one done at 19 weeks and later found out most tattoo parlours wont do them due to the risk of the mother getting stressed etc but they also said the ink is not harmful to the baby or mother if it is sterile (which it should be any way) unless the tattoo is done on the stomach as for getting infected and the colour staying it mostly depends on how u take care of it while it is healing but by all means talk to your doctor and a tattooist about the risks mine said because i have had other tat's done i am unlikely to stress about it and that it is my choice in the end


Steph - September 9

I had a similar question.... only I wanted to get one removed while pregnant..... the answer was "No way" from the OB and the plastic surgeon who did the removals. They both said the ink can be toxic to the baby. (Sterility has nothing to do with it). Unfortunately, turns out I had a removal session 2 days before I conceived. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if there are any ill-affects.


yes - September 9

ofcourse you can! the ink isnt anymore toxic to a pregnant woman than it is to a woman who isnt pregnant. just dont get it any place where it may stretch. Dr.'s dont agree with anything that they are unsure of.


Liz - September 9

Can't you wait until after the baby is born just to be safe? There is always a chance of developing an infection or getting hepat_tis. That way if anything were to happen it would only affect you and not the baby.


to Angela - September 9

have you been watching Miami Ink ? good old virtual reality shows hey !


amanda - September 10

when getting a tatoo in pregnancy its not the ink to worry about, doctors fear that a infection may occur, which most likely won't happen, but better to be safe!!! good luck



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