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avery - May 1

I had my first u/s last friday but the technician said she couldn't tell me much, I had to hear it from the doctor. Does the doctor ever do u/s so you can know what's going on the day you get it. I've been very nervous all weekend thinking about what could be going on. What if they didn't find anything or if there's nothing in the sac? I had a m/c in Feb and didn't have a period in between getting pregnant now. I'm praying that everything goes well. I was also wondering something. I did see the gestational sac and my husband said he saw her measure the yolk sac, just wondering if the embryo should have been there, too. This was my first u/s, so I'm really nervous. Hopefully there's good news tomorrow!


Misty - May 1

Even the people that do the u/s should be able to tell you more. I have never heard of a u/s tech that couldn't talk to you about what s/he was seeing. Yes, they do then send a copy for your doc to look at to be sure everything is o.k. But, she should have been able to talk to you about it. Just call your doc to see what is going on. You shouldn't have to wait for your next visit to go over the info. Then if everything is fine I would ask for another u/s tech for your next u/s. I would be p__sed. They should never with hold info from you. Even if it is bad. Unless the laws are different where you are and maybe they are.


Jbear - May 2

My doc does the ultrasound himself, but he doesn't seem as good at it as the techs who did my ultrasounds during my first pregnancy.


Lily - May 2

Avery, my midwife did my u/s and was able to give me a few details. I also saw a heartbeat which was wonderful to see. If you are concerned perhaps you should call your doctor and have him give you a call when he has a few free minutes. Don't worry too much if the sac was empty, I was the same way with my first u/s...I have to agree with Misty, if the tech you had didn't know a lot or couldn't tell you much, I would ask for another tech at your next appointment. And don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions, or even to see the monitor yourself. Good Luck!


Davida - May 2

We had our 1st ultra sound on Friday and the Dr. did it. He was able to tell us that we are 11wks and even showed us the baby's heartbeat. I've had a tech do it but it was the formal 20wk scan. Good luck!


chel - May 2

My doctor always does the u/s himself. I would think a tech would at least tell you if the baby looked okay or not and what they were looking at. Afterall, it is your body, you have the right to know.



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