Teen Preg Versus Older

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Decrepid - November 4

the issue keeps coming up about teens wanting babies and late thirties and older women worried about defects because of age . both are in tough situations for different reasons it would be interesting to know what most were taught about prime age for pregnancy and child rearing . I was taught that late teen too a maximum of age 27 is prime . After 27 the risks grow more and more with each passing year . my mother was 33 when she had her 6th and last, and I was 39 when I had my first . So which does everyone believe to be the lesser of the evil ?


are you serious?? - November 4

lesser evil?? hmmm... no education, no job, no maturity, no husband, no ability to support child VS life experience, maturity, probably education and career and hopefully marriage. I wonder...


kris A. - November 4

Actually - risks dont just start at 27 and grow. 35 is the magic date of advanced maternal age and special testing is offered to keep moms informed. But if mom is healthy and fit the average older mom can expect a healthy baby - most problems come in conceiving - not carrying.


Lala - November 4

Uh. I think the best age to have is no younger than 20! This is because at 20 you are a little more mature and ready for the responsibilty of a baby. I know from experience, I had my first child at 17, I had no idea how to take care of a baby and could not have done it without my mom! My mom showed my everything and helped me so much.I am very thankful I had my mom there for me, but I do think it was unfair to her because she had already raised her kids. Which this happens alot with teen pregnancy. I also had very high blood pressure while in labour and my little girls heart rate dropped so low she came out not breathing. I was so scared all I could do was scream at the top of my lungs! Everyone in the delivery room hated me! I know my delivery was like this because I was so young and stupid! Now I am 21 and pregnant again, I have had an easy pregnancy, no high blood pressure and I am ready for labour this time. I have bought everything I will need for my baby and I have gotten all my ducks in a row. (With my first, my mom bought everything because I had no money) I am "ready" this time. I feel confident I will do just fine taking care of my 4 year old and a newborn, simply because I am mature enough to handle the responsibilty. I think the longer you wait to have a child the better. As far as health problems go, there are risks with teens just as there are with women over 35. So....


Mommy - November 4

To are you serious: I have a GED, my husband has a job, obviously I have a husband, I am doing a great job at supporting them (without aid), and I am more mature then anyone in my family. We don't drink, smoke, do any drugs, or get a__sistance of any kind. My OWN parents on the other hand, no one has a job, they are living off aid, and my dad is a big drunk. They are 41 and 51, so now, where is that maturity you are talking about? Because adults in my family certainly don't have it.


to mommy from decrepid - November 4

WOW ! MOMMY ! that was an impressive answer but some people are not going to like it because it's the truth . I find raising children at my age very easy and fulfilling but it just terrifies me that I might not get to know grandchildren . I want to be around for them and at least see my children grow up meet someone and start a family NOT DEAD OR DECREPID .


Mommy - November 4

That would be so sad. I am a young mom but you never know what's in store. I hope you meet your grandkids. I know I want to meet mine when the time comes. I think it's pretty easy at my age too but it always gets hard at sometime or another. Good Luck. :o)


HH - November 5

Fertility begins to decline at 27. Conception becomes more and more difficult. I know not everyone will agree with me, but I think people should be 25 before they marry and that kids should be after that. I think people change a great deal between their teens and mid-twenties. There are advantages to both, but I'm glad I didn't do it too young!



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