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toes - March 21

my wife and I are expecting our first baby, a girl, due mid may. The odd thing is the baby absolutely refuses to move for ANYONE but me, which is really frustrating for the rest of the family, especially my wife's mother. According to my wife, the baby's very active all day and whatnot, but as soon as she hears my voice starts kicking, wanting my hand on her, then calms down and moves to whereever my hand is. I get the loving taps and all the good stuff, and was the one who made my wife feel better during the early stages cuz the baby calmed down. How normal is this? I've been very involved with the pregnancy, my hand has rarely been off of my wife's belly when I was at home. Oh, the baby also calms down and just lays there if I read to her out of Shel Silverstien's "Where the Sidewalk Ends." I know this is a long question, but I'm really curious about this and haven't found anything like it posted. One last thing, what can I expect AFTER she's born?


Julie - March 21

My mother told me that I did that too when my father played the guitar and sang to me...then after I was born, he'd sing and play the same song to me and I would fall right to sleep...maybe when your daugther is born, reading that book to her will be a great way for you to help her fall asleep, I guess in a way it is your voice that comforts her and makes her feel safe...the funny thing is, and I'm 20 years old and my parents still talk about this to this day..... that later on when I was about 4 or 5, we were taking a drive, and the song that my dad sang to me came on the radio, and I started singing it...almost every word....and I was only was the first time I'd ever heard it besides when my dad sang it to my dad still tells that story 20 years I think it's great that you read that book to your daughter, I think that the result of that will be that she will be VERY comforted by your's very sweet... :-) I think now I'm gonna make my husband do


amanda.d - March 21

Take pride in the fact that she is daddies little girl.LOL. It must be because you have been very involved and are the second most person she is around.Congrats and know that you already have a wonderful bond with your child.


BBK - March 21

Hey toes, congrats! My pet theory is, it's got to do with familiarity. My baby would only move for my wife. As soon as I touched the belly she would stop..... but I kept doing it while talking to her and now, after about a week she moves for me too! I can even call her and she moves! Btw, our baby loves the light cla__sical music chanel! She always moves when we first put it on, and she moves to the rhythm too!



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