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amy - December 6

I think i may be pregnant. & if i was i'd be 5-6 weeks. I'm 16 & the dad is 17. i kno im young & ppl say its going to ruin my life & so on. but i worry about that enough. but at the moment im debating whether to tell the father or not. the baby would most definatlely be his. he isn't my boyfriend, & is barely even a friend to me anymore. im not sure whether he'd want to know he had a child. i don't want to ruin his life. hes alredy told his friend he hopes that im not pregnant cause he thinks he'd make a terrible father. but on the other hand i would hate the situation to turn out like me & my father (16 years later he wants to talk & i dnt & hes greatly upset). im so confused.


tiffani - December 6

Imagine how different your life would be if you knew your father and he had been in your life. Don't deny your child that right. Have you taken a pregnancy test yet?


m - December 7

First, find out if you are pregnant.... THEN worry about all of this. If it is for sure that you are, he needs to know he has a child. Nobody knows what kind of father he would make. When a little baby enters the picture, a person's emotions are turned upside down. He may be a wonderful dad. Don't deprive your child of that. You don't want your child to blame you some day for robbing him/her of a relationship with the dad.


Christine - December 7

I agree with M...first find out whether you are or arent...then worry about the are both if you are the both of you will have a long hard road..but you can do it...he deserves the chance as well...maybe things will turn out for the worst...but Maybe they will turn out for the wouldnt know unless you told him...good luck


E - December 7

Ditto ditto ditto !! Not telling a man that he has a child is a horrible offense, IMO. a__suming he is non-violent and is halfway decent... Can you (hypothetically) imagine if someone put you to sleep through your entire pregnancy and you never knew you gave birth to your child? How do you feel about the idea of not knowing you had a child? Find out, then tell him if you are. I hope he can be a source of support for you if you are pregnant. Best of luck!!


amy - December 7

thanx for ur opinions, im really grateful. iv booked an appointment at the clinic to get tested. but that's 2 weeks away! i spose it is better if he knew now u'v told me all that. at least that way he cud make his own decision's wether he wants anything to do with it or not. i think im just been selfish & being scared of rejection.


Christine - December 8

Amy it is perfectly normal to feel as you have a lot a head of you...good luck and let us know how everything goes at the doc's


KM - December 8

I definitely agree with all of these girls. He at least deserves to know, and like M said ppl change when a child enters the picture and usually for the better.If he doesn't want to take responsibility and be a part of the child's life then that was his decision, but you can at least know you did the right thing by giving him the opportunity to be a father.And if he makes this decision, don't forget to go after him for child support. Because you didn't get pregnant on your own and he should have been aware of the consequences when he slept with you.


KristinaNo - December 8

Hey you are going to be a mother and its not going to ruin your life or anyone elses! As for telling the childs father, i wouldnt personally but thats me. Your baby deserves you and anyone who is willing to full fill parenthood like you will. Your dad will understand and tell him that having a baby is a blessing and that you are willing to take on the responsibility for caring for the child. Its your life not theirs! Good Luck


Tiz - December 10

First and foremost, you need to absolutely know if you're pregnant. From that result, then you have a number of decisions to make. I, personally, have had no contact with my biological father for almost 27 years. That has made me resentful of him so much so, that I don't talk about him. He never existed in my life, so why should I acknowledge his "existence," now? At the same time, my "Dad" who is actually my step-father has been in my life for nearly the remainder of those years. Being that my bio was such a dirt bag, that affected the relationship that I had with my Dad. It's taken me all of those years to realize it. So, the moral of the story is that both your child and his/her father will be affected for the rest of their lives based upon your decision. If you are pregnant, I wish you the best and hope that you take it with the utmost seriousness. Your choice will affect the three of you, and most likely more people for the rest of your lives. Good luck, Amy.



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