Tell The Sex Of Baby

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T8 - January 7

I had a ultrasound done last week this is my 4th child and was very upset on what happen i'm 24 weeks and we wanted to know the s_x of the baby and they told us they are no longer aloud to tell us the s_x there is a new goverment law has anyone herd of this ?to top it all off we didn't even get to see the screen the baby was on and we were told they aren't aloud to give out pictures anymore ether? I left the room very upset and then after my husband and i argued with them for about 20 mins in a waiting room full of people they finally took us back in and let us at lest see the baby on the screen. Has any one else been told they are no longer able to tell the s_x anymore becasue of this new law? i was told 4 weeks before this even happen the s_x at another ultasound but it was still early and wanted to see what they thought this time.


Malica - January 7

Where do you live? I had heard of one of the maritime provinces (I think!) putting an end to the practice of determining gender from the ultrasound unless necessary when genetic diseases affecting only one gender are a real and legitimate concern. I know it seems horrible but if you add together all of the extra 5 minutes here and there for each ultrasound to determine gender, it actually adds up to quite a large cost to the government (in Canada, of course, where ultrasound is covered by the government). There may be a 3D/4D ultrasound place near you which can do gender determination for a fee.


gabbysally - January 7

that's so strange - not in NJ that's not the law. my best friend just found out the s_x of her baby last week, I'm a little behind but have been given pictures every prenatal visit!


filly06 - January 8

I am not trying to be smart or anything...but really the whole two seconds it took for the tech to scan that area and tell us gender I can't see being significant enough for them to stop telling you soley due to cost issues. Heck our tech knew as soon as she started checking out all the other measurements. However, I was a little worried they might say they couldn't tell us either b/c I was told some doctors (even in the states) have stopped telling gender, b/c when people were told the gender of the baby and it turned out to be wrong they tried or did sue the hospital. Heck, that maybe just a myth, but that is what I heard...


Malica - January 9

In some cases and with a co-operative baby then yes, it does only take a few seconds. But I know I had an uncooperative baby in utero (which she has thankfully out grown) and gender determination took more than 5 minutes for us. If she is referring to the province in Canada, then that is the official reason that was given for the change. Yes, it sucks... but we have free health care so it's hard to complain when the government tries to make it work by making cuts to non-essential services like providing photographs. Personally, I'd be more than willing to pay out of my own pocket for these services and it's a real shame that it would be a bureaucratic nightmare.



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