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april - September 10

i just got my bfp and i am so thrilled. this will be me & hubby's 1st child. he doesent know yet and i want to surprise him in the most memorable, sweet way. please give me some ideas and advice. thanks!


Lisa*9 - September 10

If you have a dinner bun,hot dog bun,or hamberger bun put it in the over and tell your husband to lokk in the oven see if he get the joke,maybe you can write a note bun in the oven..


kEEKEE - September 10

A cake with Daddy on it and bun in the oven is a good one is a good idea. Get s_xy put on a gown. Have your husband take it off. Have you're about to be a Daddy on your stomach. Let us know how it goes. Congrats and have a healthy happy 9 months of pregnancy!!!


annabell - September 10

well i did a scavenger hunt. i had like lil notes taht lead to the extra room to wat i was going to make a nursery but he didint kno andi left blue and pink paint samples there then left a note saying go to the place where u keep sock (put lil baby socks, and go to the wardrobe and (put a lil baby ones hanging) left a note saying go to somewhere really cold. and(left a baby teething ring in it) a note saying go to the place where thers smelly stuff to make it smell better at certain times and left the pregnancy test on the counter and the results of my hcg levels saying i was pregnant then a note telling him to go to a place that u sit and watch tv. and i hung a banner saying guess whos going to be a daddy... it was fun for him adn me and really cute.try it . best of luck let us know how u tell him


april - September 10

thanks for all your input ladies! amazing mothers you must all be!


Bun in the oven - September 10

I'm going to stick with the old surprise ... PUT A BUN IN THE OVEN AND TELL HIM TO GO LOOK IN THE OVEN ... have a camera ready .


april - September 11

i like the bun in the oven. thats so cute. keep 'em coming mommas!


HH - September 11

Put booties in his shoes. What a surprise when he tries to put them on!


jen - September 11

make him an early fathers day card!


k - September 11

I wrapped up household baby safety items. You know: cabinet locks, outlet plugs, etc. It took him a while


LC - September 12

I wrapped up a baby bottle and put the test inside. He thought it was great!


kris A. - September 12

My husband suffered ITA's (small mini strokes caused by neck injury from his karate cla__s.) He was lying in the hospital, paralyzed on one side, and insisting that he would continue the self defense cla__s that did the choke outs that nearly left him paralyzed, or dead... I was upset and finally blurted out, so you want your child to grow up without a father?? I had just found out that morning ... we had just suffered a miscarriage two months before and he was shocked beyond words... that was in Feb, and now hubby is completely recovered, and baby is due in Nov. He still does karate, but doesn't mess with choke outs anymore! We are lucky and blessed as is everyone here! Congratulations on your pregnancy!


lee - September 12

put the + test in his briefcase or somewhere where he'd surprised to find it.


Erin - September 12

Here are some ideas: ~~1~~ Slip an "extra" fortune into a cookie that says "He who makes deposit gets good withdrawal within nine months" ~~2~~ Serve baby back ribs with baby carrots in baby bowls with baby utensils.... don't think he'll get it? Try serving the drinks in sippy cups! ~~3~~ Give him an invitation: "You are invited to attend the birth of your baby on suchandsuch day... time to be determined" ~~4~~ Fill a room with pink and blue balloons! ~~5~~ Do a scavenger hunt with baby items at the end!


M.F - September 12

A McDonalds happy meal................ .or play a game with him Hang man saying" Your gonna be a daddy."..


deena - September 13

make him a cute video telling him.


Andi - September 13

I always liked the commercial on TV where the wife goes out shoe shopping and comes back to find her husband watching tv sitting on the couch, And she says "want to see my new shoes" and then she pulls out these little tiny baby ones.... when I get pregnant, that is how I'm gonna tell my husband.... Baby Dust to you all!!!!



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