Telling My Mom Tonight

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JaysAmy - February 3

Hey all. I've decided to tell my mom and dad that I am pregnant tonight. I planned on taking my boyfriend with that a good idea? Or should I do it on my own. I was going to tell my mom first..then my dad when he gets home from work. I'm soooo nervous. I'm very close with my parents. They don't believe in children before marriage. My boyfriend and I plan on getting married next month though. We have somewhere to live already, too. Currently, I live with my parents. I know my parents are going to be so mom might cry. Ugh. Hmm..any replys appreciated.


sugar+spice - February 3

i would have your boyfreind with you when you told them because then they will see he is going to take care of you and the baby and is stepping up to the resposibility. they might be upset but im sure afterwards they will realize what great parents you'll make!


Steph - February 3

I think that taking your boyfriend with you is a good idea. I also think that it's great that you have a plan on where you two are going to be living. It would also be beneficial to you, (as I'm not sure how old you are) to have a financial plan on paying for your baby as well as medical expenses for your pre-natal care and insurance for your baby as well. If you don't have a job or have a job that just pays miniumum wage, look into the WIC program, and getting on your state's medical plan. Good luck to you! I think that you should tell your parents both when they get home so that they can deal with the news together.


JaysAmy - February 3

Thanks for the quick replies! =) My boyfriend and I are both 21 and have a combined income of about 60k for now. It'll go up as soon as I pop out this baby lol. I have medical insurance through my job that will take care of both of us. =) I'm not worried about our finances..just scared as heck to tell my parents lol. I'm the youngest in the family and the closest to my parents. Scary, scary.


Steph - February 3

Then all should be fine!! It's not like your not financially stable to have a baby, your just doing it like I did!! Kid first, then marriage!! Nothing really wrong with that, just depends on how some people look at it. Also, when you tell them, you may want to get a card and some flowers to show that you guys are excited about it and it's not a bad thing. Congrats to you!! When are you due?


JaysAmy - February 3

I'm currently 8 weeks and 4 days, and my expected due date is 9/11. lol that's sooooo not happening.


Drew - February 3

I agree with taking your boyfriend with you is a good idea. Like a pp said, it shows he's gonna step up and take care of you. It's good that your prepared for them not to give you the reaction you had hoped for at first, as you said your mom might cry. BUT, once they sit back and see how together you two have things they more than likely will be so proud of you and your biyfriend, and once your little one get's here, they're grandbaby. Congrats to you and your boyfriend, let us know how it goes!! :)


livdea - February 5

hey JaysAmy...hope everything went well with telling your parents! I'm 22 and going to be a single mother. When I told my mom she didn't believe me and then I had to tell her like fifty times before she actually understood! And then she told me she'd have to call me I'm the youngest and "most precious" of my siblings too and well I moved across the country to now live with my mom and save money before the baby comes. I'm sure you're parents are shocked like mine were but now they are so so excited! Good luck to you and boyfriend and soon to be baby!


JaysAmy - February 6

Hey all =) Just thought I'd update you on what happened Friday night! As planned, my boyfriend and I spoke to my mom first. I just came right out and told her I was pregnant. She remained calm, asked us what our plans were, and if we loved each other, blah blah. We pretty much got the same response from my dad when he came home from work and we told him. They were both really supportive, calm, and happy for us, because they can see that we are committed and love each other very much. =) It was the complete opposite reaction of what I expected. Honestly, I thought I was going to get kicked out based on the response they had to my sister 5 years ago when she got pregnant at age 21. But yah, everything is great. My mom's offered to babysit when I have the baby and have to go back to work =) yay free child care. My mom, who is a real estate broker, is also going to help us find a place to buy. =) My dad is paying off my credit card bills so that I have a clean slate for our marriage and is giving us a good amount of money as a "wedding gift". Yah...there reaction is way to good to be true. lol. It's like a dream. Must be a side-effect of being the baby in the family whose close to them lol..idk. It's weird but very awesome =)


Steph - February 6

Yay for you!! Glad all went well with telling your parents and that's really cool that you guys are going to be getting some extra financial help out with regard to credit card bills...that always can come in handy! Anyways, congrats and enjoy your pregnancy stress free!!


McKitt - February 6

Congratulations. I was glad to hear that they took it well! Grandparents! Yea for them! (And of course, YEA for you!)


JaysAmy - February 6

Thanks =)


LN030905 - February 6

Jaysamy! Im so happy for you! Congrats so much! Im a little relieved-lol-now maybe when the time comes for me to tell my parents it wont be so bad! lol!


JaysAmy - February 6

Thanks=) hehe your situation does sound similar to mine. I'm sure everything will be great for you when you do get blessed with a baby. =)



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