Telling My Parents

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Lisa - November 9

I'm 21 years old, married, have a house and one child, but for some reason I can't come around to tell my parents I'm almost 10 weeks pregnant. Does anyone have any suggestions?


sharlene - November 9

i think you are old enough to make your choices just tell her im sure she will be very happy


Kimi - November 9

How and when you tell them is up to you... but whatever you do, don't let them know you were uncertain about it. I don't know if your parents are this sort, but a reluctance to tell may be perceived as an uncertainty about the pregnancy. If you're happy about it, make sure that comes through when you tell them... otherwise you may be the subject of comments like "Are you sure you're ready for another baby?" and so on. If you sound overwhelmingly ecstatic when you tell them, they won't be able to give you a negative reaction and still be polite. Again, I have no idea what your parents are like -- just guessing based on your reluctance to tell them.


Julie - November 12

First congradulations! Secondly if your parents were thrilled about the first grandchild the second one doesn't make it less appealing. Now there's a new addition on the way, their more than likely to be extactic about another grandchild to love .


Jessica - November 20

I am having the same issue and I ma much older! (26). My father was so upset with my first pregnancy, because we weren't legally married that he didn't talk to me for a month. He changed his tune once my daughter was born (well before that actually) and he loves her to death, but I am also struggling with telling them that I am 16 weeks pregnant with my second. I am just worried about their reaction. I am happy, but I always look for their approval. I am going to call them this weekend and tell them. Just get it over with! That's my advice. Go ahead and do it. You have nothing to loose. This is your life!


d - November 20

i don't see a reason to be relunctanat as long as you support youself and don't ask them to support you and your long as you've been taking care of your family there shouldn't be any reason to be scared to tell long as you are happy thats all that really matters, they will come around..we all know babys are a joy to be around and do bring out the best in us!!!!!!



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