Telling People What Not To Get You For Your Baby Shower

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Jessie - May 27

Is that posh??? I mean if I don’t want a lot of pacifiers and pin cloths can I tell them not to get me certain things????


km - May 28

Well, if they ask you can certainly tell them the things that you need, but I wouldn't demand certain gifts. Are you going to do a gift registry?


m - May 28

No, it's not too posh. Gift giving is an individual thing and what they choose to get you is their personal 'want' for you and baby. You're better off to receive whatever gift and then go buy whatever you NEED. It's kinda selfish to tell people what not to buy for you/baby. It's perfectly understandable, your question, but to answer it real short, it's not posh. Sorry! ; )


Maleficent - May 28

i told people no bottles or newborn sizes. no one seemed to mind. i still got a few of each. the outfits were cute, i kept them and used them. i returned the bottles. i think that so long as you don't return half the stuff you get, a few returns of items you honestly have no use for isn't bad.


April - May 28

I don't see anything wrong with telling people what NOT to get you... most generally people want to help you by getting things you NEED... take me for instance... I've already got certain things.. like a front-carrier, stroller, and I'm pretty stocked up on clothes until 9 months... it would be more helpful to me if people bought diapers... or bigger clothes.. and I don't see anything wrong with telling people that because the whole point of them bringing gifts is that they want to help... they don't HAVE to bring a gift... plus I see it as making it easier for the people buying the gift... if I was the person buying.. I would rather go into it knowing I was buying something that the person could really get some use out of


Jessie - May 28

Thank you April that’s how I feel. I don’t want a ton of cloths and things I don’t need, we all know people don’t always follow the baby registry and I quite honestly don’t want to ask where they got some thing so I have to return it. What if I cant return it for what ever reason that person just wasted money, that’s even ruder I think. There’s not a lot I need and want. I just think I am going to kindly let people know I have plenty of cloths, we are not using bottles and we are against pacifiers. I understand that people find cool gifts that they think is a must have, and that’s ok, I will accept that but I really don’t want any cloths, bottles and pacifiers


April - May 28

What we did with my sister's baby shower is enclose a list of things she needed with the baby shower invitations, but we also let people know that they were not obligated to bring a gift. We just thought the list would be helpful for those shopping for gifts...



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