Telling Sis In Law

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w - March 8

I am due to give birth in june, and want to go away in Dec with hubbs, now before i found out that my sis-in-law was a real nasty person i said to her that she could mind my baby. Now she has 3 girls of her won and i am having a BOY and she will want to mind it. But I have changed my mind and want to give it to my side of the family. She has big ideas that i will be leaving my child anytime that I want to go out (e.g gym yet the gym has a creche). How do I tell her that she wont be minding the baby without upsetting, she also screams alot and I dont want my baby attached to her too!!! Please your thoughts and advice would be brilliant x


clueless - March 8

what???????????????????/just tell her how you feel, that you feel more comfortable leaving him w/ your family since she has her hands full.... explain again please, i am a little confused where are u going?


w - March 8

I'm going on holiday for 3 weeks in December with my husband, but will not be taking the baby. If i tell her that i feel more comfortable she might start a raging fight and I cant be bothered with that or better still start talking about me behind my back! Hope this is more clear.


tara - March 8

I agree with not starting a family fude!You can tell her that you appreciate her being so thoughtfull and accepting taking care of your baby, but someone else has offered to take care of him and you think it's best for your child to be with the them becuase she already has 3 girls to take care of and you don't wnat to inconvenience thier lives as a baby is a handful. Also, I think this will sound good especially if who ever you are thinking of doesn't have as many kids. Also mention that you hope her offer still stands the next time you will need help but just this time you and your husband think the other option will work better this time. good luck.


Liz - March 9

First off, Have a great time! Secondly, You are fairly lucky to have this problem. My family all live in another state and my hubs family are all to bust to ever want to help us. I am envious(not of the yelling but of the help)! I would kind of use "P's" approach, I guess. Make it as honest as you can.


j - March 9

Tell her that you think she has her hands full with her own children and you don't want to inconvenience her any more so you'll have another family member watch your son that isn't as busy.


w - March 9

Thanks for your input ladies I appreciate it very much. Her two little ones are sick at the moment and she is really badly moaning. So I suppose that this is also a good excuse for me to put forward to her plus my family have no children I am the 1st to have a child. I'm so dreading it I mean I have a good 6 months before I tell her 'no' LOL!



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