Telling Step Children About Baby

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fefer1 - January 9

I am a 7months married with 3 step children, 13 years old and 16. They do not live with us but with a bitter mom. Anyone have any tips on what or when to tell them about the new baby? Iam about 6 weeks pregnant and wil lsee the kids Valentines week. Would that be a good time to tell them?


Drew - January 9

That would probably be a great time to tell them. Maybe think of a fun way to do it, incorperating it into a valentine to them or something fun. Just try to make them feel included in your new family. As for the mom, that's a tough one! But, she's gonna have to accept it one way or another, so might as well give her some time to get used to it. Good luck, and congrats on your pregnancy!! :)


marisa - January 10

Hi! fefer1, I told my step kids as soon as I found out . I kinda did'nt want to tell them since the frist time I got pregant I miscarried and my hubbys small one is 7 the middle 12 and the oldest 16.It is kinda hard with the small one she knows she' not gonna be the baby no more.As for the mom I have no problem with her .As far as telling your step kids tell them when your ready and if you want to tell them on Valentines that would be good to hope everything goes well Good Luck!


fefer1 - January 10

Thanks for the advice! I want to tell them when we see them, especially since we are going through a change in parenting plans and child support. The mom has brainwashed the girls to hate their dad for no apparant I think that telling them in person would be the best option. :) I don't think voice mail is the appropriate way to share the news! Being a mom is going to be tough, doing it with angry step-children is even harder! So much stress!


Drew - January 10

Yup, that's tough. You got mom egging them on, and teen-age hormones all wrapped into one!! I'm sure you know not to be too suprised and stressed if they don't happily accept the fact right away, but keeping them involved will probably be your best bet!



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