Telling You Are Preg Even Though Young Can Still Be Exciting

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youngwoman - October 5

I am possably pregnant. My boyfreind lives away from me so he is going to be unable to share the expiercince that i am going to optainbe when teling my family that i am preg. I know that i am fairly young, and yes they will most likley be hurt and devistated but i want my pregnancy to be happy and exciting. I don't want to be scared and have people believe that my baby is a mistack. Is there any way that i can tell my family that i am preg without having to shed tears? At least, not having to shed many tears and be able to be excited and thrilled for the new life that will arive in our family in a couple months?


T - October 5

If you do not mind me asking how young are you?


klm - October 5

There is really nothing you can say that is going to change the reaction they are going to have. Hopefully you are out on your own and able to financially support yourself & your child, that will help the situation.


youngwoman - October 5

I understand that i need to be more focused on the actual results. I am planing on taking a preg test tomorrow in the morning, and have already made an apt with my doc. I am just really wanting the announcement of my child to be a special and exciting one. I wouldn't want to have a depressed pregnancy


kr - October 5

If you are pregnant and your parents are upset, just try to understand that they are concerned that you will not be able to live your life the way you may have planned. They spent your entire life making some plans for you, so when these plans are changed(even with something as wonderful as a new life) it makes sense that they will need a little time to grieve.But this time will be short. There are some things you can do to show your parents that it is time to celebrate. One of these things is making sure you have insurance for you and your baby in order. Find out if your pregnancy and delivery will be covered on your parents insurance or if you will have to apply for public insurance. Do research about pregnancy and find out what to expect so you can show your parents your indepence. You can even sign you and your BF up for parenting and counseling cla__ses. I'm not sure how old you are, but if you are pregnant you need to have plans for the future. Think of goals you have for yourself for the next five years (college, career,independence,etc.). Now make a plan that includes you,your baby , your bf ,and your parents (minimally) that will help you reach your goals. Your parents will appreciate that you have ideas about how you can be a successful parent. Taking away their worries is a good start to allowing them to celebrate with you. good luck


TruckinFool - October 5

well, Wife and i are 23 and we had problems telling our parents...screwed up, i know...


... - October 6

I'm 22 soon to be 23, and my bf of 6 years is 23, we live together, and we STILL had problems telling our parents. His parents bawled, his dad wouldn't even look at the u/s pics...they think it's some huge tragedy and are evidently saying it's going to be some huge financial burden on them, when we both have jobs and support ourselves just fine with money to spare...I felt the same way you do, I wanted it to be a happy and exciting time, but some people just take it bad and there is nothing you can do about it. We just don't go around his parents well pretty much ever, so we don't have to be around the negativity. We focus on people that are happy for us. Sorry I can't give you any advice as how to tell, but I would wait until you at least have your first u/s or get past 12 weeks, whichever comes first, in case you miscarry you won't have given them all that shock and heartache for nothing...unless you want them to know you miscarried, then tell away. Good luck if you are pregnant.


age? - October 6

How old are you?


YoungWoman - October 6

Thank you all for your understanding to my post. Well, this is the thing about being preg which HOPEFULLY someone can REALLY help me out. I took a preg test a couple days ago( on the weekend) and it came back negative. I bought it from the $ store and it didn't even take 3 seconds for it to appear negative. Since then, I still haven't received my period so i took one this morning,( Oct. 6) and it came back positive, but with faint lines. I then gave it time and looked and it seemed that one of the lines actually dissolved. It was a bit weird because you actually had to put your eye to the test to see the shaded line. I am a bit worried on why it happened like that. Could it be that the tests that i bought( which where from the $ store a piece of c___p?) also, this time taking the test, it took about 15 seconds for it to appear compared to the first test that took at least 2 and a half seconds. litterely. I am just scared to tell my parents because i know allot of young teenagers, telling there parents,and for half of the pregnancy, there are in tears. That is not what i want. I feel that my baby can feel those tears that i am crying because of depression and i don't want my baby to feel that these tears i am faced with are because of him in a negative way. I am actually enrolling in a program were i can get some college courses and credits for H.S. I am in an continuation program where they have many programs. Dental a__sistant, pharmacy technician, medical a__sistant, all sorts of things so i am signing myself up for that. And about my age, i am 16 years of age. I know that i am young but i believe that you bring yourself to the age that is shown upon.


klm - October 6

Sweetie, you are just going to have to except that fact that your parents are not going to be excited about this. Believe me, there is nothing you could say or do that is going to soften the b__w. In most cases the parents eventually come around and are supportive of their daughter, but you will need to give them time. BTW how is your boyfriend taking the news?


kr - October 6

I'm so glad you're looking into career options. Being able to support yourself and your baby will make all the difference in how you are able feel about yourself rearing him/her. You can do it! Your parents will come around. Because of your age you should tell them as soon as you find you are pregnant, since you will probably need their help getting healthcare. You need medical attention in the first trimester. You especially need to be taking vitamins.


Young Woman - October 6

I said up in the last post about how my preg test came out. Does any one have any say on what is going on. I will repeat it again. A Couple days ago( on the weekend) i took a preg test from the $store. I bought two) because i still hadn't received my period, it came back negative in less then 3 seconds. I was still waiting for my period to come but it didn't. Well this morning,( on Oct. 6) i took a preg test and it took quite a while for the results to pick up. About i should say, 15 Minn and when it did show, it was a slight positive, but very faint. I glanced at it again and it seemed that the second line,( to show that it was a positive) had faded to a point where you had to put the test to your eye. I am unsure of what is going on but does that conclude that i am in fact preg and that the $ tree preg tests are just a bunch of c___p? Someone, please, help me out with that. And about knowing that i am young and that i am going to have to just be able to except the fact that they are not going to be thrilled about my pregnancy( if i am in fact pregnant) i understand that there is going to be some tears shed in the telling of being preg but i would just hope that i can make the best of it. I understand that i am young but at least i am not sitting around not doing any ting with my life. At least i am trying to make a better of my life even if that includes my baby that i am going to be happy about. And about my baby's father( which is in fact, my husband to be) he is thrilled, excited but a bit nervous. He is working right now, in a part time job so the money on his part is not where i can say" good" but on the other hand, he has just been asked to work in a high tech company so hope fully everything works out with that. He is happy to know that he might be a daddy soon and just wants to make the best of it. Like i said, me and him have a long distance relationship, so when i do, in fact, find out the accurate answer and is said by the doc, we will start working out are living arrangements because he wants to be with me, during my pregnancy and just throughout my life from the beginning out!



I am sorrry... i mean 15scnds


klm - October 6

Buy a pregnancy test with a digital read out that says "pregnant" or "not pregnant" (expensive, but worth it) and take it first thing in the morning.


kr - October 6

I got a lot of faint lines for about a week. They kept getting darker. You just have to wait


Young Woman - October 6

Thank you all... and yes i am planing on going and getting the most sensitive test and taking it in about n a week. I just thought that that was a bit funny how it came back positive but then faded to a negative. HMMM weird things happen with home pregnancy tets!


... - October 7

Go to it should help you with your questions, they have a question and answer section that talks about fading lines, or "disappearing positives." Also, about the dollar store tests...the first test I took was a walmart brand Equate test, and it came up positive really dark right away like right after I peed on it(I ended up taking 2 of these, same results on both), and then I went and bought a bunch of tests from Dollar Tree for 1$ a piece(I bought 5 tests and took one test each day for a week!), and got the same result, positive really dark right away. Seriously might answer a lot of your questions, that website helped me a lot. It even has pictures of positive tests at all different stages of dpo.



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