Telling Your Children

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Marykate - April 11

Due in October and just wondering when to tell my other children, well moreso my older child who will be 5 in september. Two boys will be 3 in May but I don't think they'll comprehend until the baby is born and that's when the shit will hit the fan.


tiffani - April 11

I'm due Nov 7th and have already told my 3 year old. The timing was perfect for us because Dora The Explorer's mom just had a baby (twins). My daughter constantly says "mommys having a baby" but i'm not quite sure how much of this she understands. You're in your 2nd trimester, so I think now would be a safe time to start preparing the kids. Congratulations on the baby to be! :o)


Marykate - April 11

Thanks Tiffani Im just 12wks 2days. Didnt have u/s yet and wasnt sure whether to wait and make sure everything is ok. I so excited to tell my 4 year old daughter but my scan is not until May 11th. Did you have your scan before you told your child. Thanks


tiffani - April 11

We just had our first scan this past Friday. I told my daughter about 3 weeks ago. Our original due date got bumped back a week so we weren't as far along as we thought when we told her. In the back of my mind, of course I worried about a miscarriage, but I also knew that if that happened and we never mentioned the baby again, she would forget all about it. When are you due? Sounds like you'll have a "little mommy" to help you. :o)


monica - April 11

I told my 4 year as soon as I saw the pregnancy test come back positive. He has been so excited about this pregnancy and I took him to our first u/s and he got to see his baby brother. He always protects my tummy because he knows that baby is in there. He feels though that the arrival of this baby is taking way too long and is getting impatient.He wants the baby now and for the baby to share his room from day one.


Jennifer - April 11

I told my six year old son right away, he is very excited, to be a BIG brother.


rose - April 11

be careful in the beginning! i told both my children (5 and 3 last year) and then miscarried and tried to explain that too...if i get pregnant again i will wait til at least 12 weeks to tell them...


Allie - April 11

I also told my children immediately (3 & 5) and then lost the baby - my son (3) keeps forgetting the baby is gone and still wants to talk to my belly; it's heartwrenching to have to explain it over and over again.


Maleficent - April 11

we waited to tell our son. poor kid was the last to know. he's 7 and VERY excited to be a big brother again.


toes - April 11

marykate, just don't make the mistake i did. My wife got her 2nd ultrasound Sept 30 and a couple weeks later we got married with my daughters as flower girl (9yo) and ringbearer (5yo). So about a month after that I told them cuz my wife was beginning to show. I brought out both sets and said "see how little the baby is in this one, just a smudge? Now look at this one from September 30, you can see the baby clear as day!" And before my wife had a chance to tell me what an idiot I am the 9yo looks at me and says "But daddy, you were married in October." OMG, talk abt redirecting a child from a topic!!


Mary Kate - April 25

Thanks for all the answers. Computer has been out of action since the 11th just got it back. Wot a relief. As it happens told the kids yesterday and my 4 yr old is sooooo excited and kept asking when the baby's coming (how many more sleeps) so I just told her after her birthday but before santa comes. My two boys are not so excited they just keep saying no, don't want baby. At least I have nearly six months to talk them round


Lynn - April 25

We just told my 9 year old stepson this past weekend (he spends every other weekend at our house) and he was more excited than anyone else! He just kept saying "cool,cool,cool,cool" all weekend long. He has an older brother and a younger sister on his mom's side so I didn't think he'd be too enthused with ANOTHER sibling, but he really is!



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