Temp Charting Question Sorry So Long

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jstar - February 15

I have been charting my temps and am having trouble indicating O, if I even have been. My temp drastically spiked the day af stopped and went back down over the next few days (around cd 7-9). Of course there have been variations in temp, but my average temp is 97.9 almost every day. In the past week it went 97.9, 97.9, 97.9, 97.7, 98.1, 98.1-the last temp being today. This is my second cycle and my 10th month off of depo provera so I have been spotting pretty much all month except for the past two days(temp 98.1) I have had slick cm. Can this be ovaulation? I know I am out of whack right now but I am on cd33. The only other possible O day I can see would be the day af stopped and my temp was 98.8! But I thought temps can spike around af. Is this true? I dont have a chart online, but any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. - Also, I have a bbt thermometer, and take my temp at the same time every morning before I even get out of bed.


crackersforme - February 15

You can go to mymonthlycyclesdotcom & put in your info there. They are free & that way you'd have a chart to look at online. Sorry I can't help you with your temping, though, as I have no clue when it comes to that.


mlg8 - February 15

You are looking for a sustained thermal shift for longer than 3 days. I know when i was temping my increase would be fairly substantial, but it could be an increase as small as .4 degrees F. Just make sure the increase is staying for longer than 3 days, then you can a__sume that you have O'd. You will have O'd on the last day of the low temp.


jstar - February 15

Thanks! I didn't know that the temp shift had to be 3 days or more. I thought that it was a single shift in temp, and I also thought it could be .2 or more. If the shift has to be .4 or more than the only possible O would have been the day af left. And if it should be 3+ days I am definitely not O ing. I appreciate your help



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