Termite Treatment While Pregnant

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sol - May 18

Hi ladies - would you have a termite treatment while you're pregnant ? Does anyone know if there are risks involved ?


KH - May 18

you need to be out of your house for 6 hours and have someone open the windows 1/2 hr. before you get home.


m - May 18

where are they putting the pesticide? In your house or outside? You should ask the pest control company about what chemical they're using and if it's safe for pregnant woman. Ask them for a Safety Data Sheet.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 20

We had a treatment done at a house we were renting a couple of years ago. Our treatment wasn't for termites, but rather for a mult_tude of different bugs. I have a serious phobia of bugs, so any bug sighting in my house justifies (in my mind anyways) spending a couple of hundred dollars to get rid of it. Anyways, rambling aside.... Our treatment was done along all the base boards in the house, and in every cabinet/pantry in the kitchen. When we called around to different exterminators, we specifically informed them that I was expecting, and that we needed a treatment that was safe for the developing baby. I found that nearly everyone we spoke with said their chemicals were absolutely safe, and fume free. Lies, lies, lies. I spent the afternoon at my parents house while they did their thing, and even stayed an additional 3 hours just to be on the safe side. When I got home, I literally puked the minute I walked in the door from the overwhelming fumes. I opened up all the windows, turned on all the fans, and eventually became unaware of the fumes, I guess I had become used to them, I just thought they had gone away. When my husband came home, he was very overwhelmed with the fumes and sent my daughter and I to my parents. I had to spend the following 2 nights at my parents house, while my house aired out. My poor hubby spent hours upon hours scrubbing off everything the bug guys sprayed. It was a total nightmare! After doing some internet research on the chemicals that were used, which I should have done prior, I found that they were NOT safe for infants, elderly, anyone with respiratory problems, and pregnant women. Now, you mentioned a termite treatment. Is it just your yearly inspection/ termite prevention spray, or have they actually discovered termites? When we bought our house last July, upon inspection, termites were found under the house. We had the damage repaired, and under the house treated. I definitely noticed a bug spray odor in the house, above the area where the termites were. The scent was obvious, but not overwhelming. I would have felt comfortable being in that room pregnant, with those odors. If the treatment you need is indoors, I suggest you find out all the active ingriedents that are in the chemicals they will be using, and research the hell out of them. If they say stay out of the house for 5 hours, plan on staying away for 10. Talk to your OBGYN and find out what they know. If you have termites, you have to get treatment, you really have no choice. Just be very informed, and very precautious. A sad side note.... While it may have had absolutely nothing to do with it, my son (who I was pregnant with when our house was treated) had Transient Tachypnea when he was born. Basically, that's when the lungs have difficulty absorbing all the amniotic fluid after birth, thus causing respiratory distress. He spent 16 long/ sad days in the NICU at the Childrens Hospital, but is now a healthy, energetic and happy 16 month old. It may have had absolutely nothing to do with it, then again it may have. I'll never know.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 20

Holy cow, I wrote a novel. Sorry! :o)


AJRichardson - June 22

Pregnant women should avoid pesticides wherever possible. During my first trimester we had a terrible termite problem in our house and we called for termite pest control nyc and they did a brilliant job.


NElizabeth - June 25

I think that I would probably wait until after you have your baby. I think I would be nervous about it. Speak to your Gyno and also the pest control company and ask if its safe. Good luck!


JohnFrady - September 13

Some pest companies like termite inspection sacramento take care of this. Pregnant womens should take precautions from the chemicals and I think that some companies co-operates with this fact and help us in solving the termite infestation problem safely.


charleshadley - November 3

Yes, I agree with member 'm'. You can ask about the chemicals being used for the team which you would be calling for exterminating your home. There are various exterminators available online in different cities like Exterminator Cheshire CT from YALEPEST , Exterminator Danbury CT, Exterminator Fairfield CT, etc. There are some companies which use eco-friendly chemicals, so that it should harm no one present out there. The professionals have experience on how to tackle to situations that come in their way.


cherry2201 - January 3


I agree with John, that Pregnant women should take precautions from pest control chemicals. There are many professional pest control companies which will take care of the situation and work safely.


MarvelGraves - May 26

Hello, recently my friend had pest control of her home and she is pregnant. Risk factor mainly depends on the company you are hiring, as the professional exterminators who are having license are first evaluated on safety measures. They mainly use non toxic chemicals which is not harmful for your health as they know the formulas to avoid pest without harming the humans. For more information about this you can contact the exterminators and ask your query before termite treatment, my friend had hired an exterminator in Manhattan, NYC as she lives over there, you can also contact them or find the exterminator near you.


Carre712 - January 16

Thanks for share the exceptional information I would like to inform that Pregnant ladies should take precautions from the chemicals andIi suppose that a few companies co-function with this fact and assist us in fixing the termite infestation problem properly. 
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