Terrible Headaches Help

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jj - August 10

I am 16 weeks today and have been having TERRIBLE headaches! They are so bad!!! I have taken 25 tylenol in the last 20 hours and it has had no effect. I don't know what else to do. I know it's not healthy for the baby but i"m going to loose my job if I don't do something about this soon. Any advice??


Onyshia - August 10

Do you have a doctor? Have you contacted them? This is not healthy for you or your baby, please see your doctor.


AngelB - August 10

Dehydration can cause really bad headaches, are you drinking enough fluids? Please do talk to your doctor.


?? - August 10

maybe you have a sinus infection. You should contact your doctor.


miranda - August 10

I hope you are exaggerating about taking 25 tylenol! I can tell you you aren't alone. I've been having horrible headaches this whole pregnancy, to the point of throwing up and feeling like I was going to die for 24 hours. The only thing I have been able to do is take Extra Strength Tylenol (according to package directions) and put an ice pack on my neck and forehead. It helps to sit in a dark and quiet room with some kind of distraction to take your mind off of it. I can't imagine trying to go to work with one of those headaches. Can't you take sick days?


christy - August 10

I've had migraines w/ this pregnancy and w/ the first. Call your doctor, you can take tylenol w/ codine or fiourcet. It can possibly help. You also need to have your blood pressure checked. Please call your doctor and tell them how bad the pain is. Migranes are so common in pregnancy that they will probably call you something in, mine did. Oh, take it easy on the tylenol. Is it extra strength or regular?


Jbear - August 11

I had really bad migraines during the second trimester. My doctor prescribed Fioricet and later, because I didn't like how out of it I felt with it, he prescribed tylenol with codeine. I wasn't able to take either one while I was at work, but I wasn't able to work with a migraine either. You should definitely call your doctor, because there are some headaches that just don't respond to tylenol, and because a severe headache during pregnancy is a reason to have your blood pressure checked. Also, don't take too much tylenol. You can damage your liver when you exceed the recommended dosages for very long, and you can also get tylenol poisoning. One thing that might help your headache is a little bit of caffeine.


mechelle - August 11

ok i'm almost 17 wks and started experiencing the same thing last week. i called my dr. at 3am and surprisingly he told me to go ahead and take 2 aspirin. he said that there isn't enough of a risk taking aspirin in the 2nd trimester to really worry. so he told me i could take tylenol as prescribed and then add aspirin to it, but not to exceed more than 2 doses of apirin a day. but once again every dr has different opinions on everything so i would suggest to consult yours, this is just what mine told me to do.


KrisD - August 11

Oh I feel for you... I had them up until my 3rd trimester began. I could not get rid of them till I threw up and went to bed (migraines). I lost a ton of weight in my 4th month and went to see a neurologist - I was put on tylenol with codeine. My best advice is to take the tylenol AS SOON as you feel the headache coming on - otherwise it may not help. I would also take it with a little bit of Coke or something with caffeine -my dr suggested that and sometimes it helped. The ice packs definitely helped once the headache was too bad to knock out. Don't exceed the tylenol dosage, either. If it's just not working, you must go see the doc. All that suffering is not good for the baby. As far as work... Can you try to explain your dilemma to them?? Perhaps you should try to get a dr's note. I know it's stressful, I don't think I ever worked a full week while I was getting those headaches! Good luck and sit tight! My neurologist explained that the headaches usually taper off right when the 2nd trimester ends due to a decrease in some hormone... Mine did!


JJ - August 11

Thanks ladies for all of your advice. I have a Dr. app next week. Just trying to hold out till then. Getting time off from work is like pulling teeth!!! I haven't even gotten to see my dr in 6 weeks. Had to cancle last 2 appts. because of work. Thanks again for all your advice.



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