Terrified Of Flying And Is It Ok To Eat Shrimp

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cdmrose - April 23

My husband and I have just started trying to conceive. I have a new job that requires a lot of travel from the W. coast to the E. coast. I am terrified of flying and am afraid this will keep me from getting pregnant or cause issues if I am pregnant already. Any thoughts on what options I might have? Also, is shrimp on the list of seafoods to avoid?


livdea - April 23

as long as the shrimp is cooked you can eat it. With the flying...Im a big traveler so I've been flying throughout my entire pregnancy and I'm going to be up until the first week of my 9th month. I'm now 30 weeks and dr has said its fine. He told me the main concern about flying is that they don't want you to go into labor on the plane!! I always carry my records with me and I haven't had any problems...I've had some long flights too, 12 hours. So you should be fine!! Good luck ttc!!!


pbj - April 23

Flying is fine when pregnant. The only time it's cautioned is when you're in your last month of pregnancy and could go into labor at any time. Shrimp is great to eat as long as it's cooked. Most of the seafoods you should avoid are funky fish that I don't know anyone who eats them. Eating more than 2 servings a week of tuna and salmon is cautioned but still allowed. I love seafood, but during my 1st trimester just the thought of it made me sick.


cdmrose - April 23

So far I've left nail marks on the arms of every airplane seat I've sat in, since it seems like I find the most turbulent flights. Maybe this irrational fear will subside on its own as I get more used to flying. Thank you pbj and livdea for your posts. Best of luck with your little one, livdea!


Jamie - April 24

I was told not to fly after 32 weeks, because of complications with my pregnancy. It is generally safe to fly except in your last month or two, unless you have special circ_mstances. Your doctor will know best.


sunshinekitty240 - April 24

make sure you cook it and shrimp is fine. as for flying - if in doubt ask the doc!


divinelibra - April 24

shrimp is a wonderful source of DHA! i say KEEP IT COMING! :-)


Sanders - June 9

I ve read where its ok to eat shrimp but just limit your intake per week because of the levels of mercury , because shrimp is considered an shell fish



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