Tested Too Early

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Sammie - December 1

Hi well I took a pregnancy test too early like most do....and I told my boyfriend the news...I wasn't but come to find out I am....How do I break the news to him without it seeming like I lied?? Any creative ways to tell him for christmas???


zuly - December 1

okay just tell him that you had tested to early and the test was neg . And then you test again just to make sure and it came back positive.


candace - December 2

Yes I have a good idea that I was going to use if I have gotten pegnant in time for christmas. You buy a boy and a girl (newborn) outfit and u wrap it up for him and let him open it up on christmas morning. good luck.


Sammie - December 2



Leah - December 3

Also another cute idea, since baby shoes are so adorable, wrap up some newborn booties in a box and then put a little rolled up note in there with a cute bow and put, "we're pregnant!" but sometimes it's fun to leave the note out and let them figure it out on their own! Good Luck!


Amy - December 3

There is no reason why you can't tell him what actually happend! He's got real issues if he thinks you'd lie about something like this! I'm expecting next April, an I bought my Boyfriend a 'Worlds Greatest Dad' mug! and made it out from the baby! He'll be so pleased, it really warms something inside them, makes it more real! Good luck!


Sue - October 25

How early can a pregnancy be detected?


M.E.J. - October 25

Why don't you go to the morning after Thanksgiving sale with him and add some baby things in the cart? Make sure they're big things so he'll have to come and help you carry.


Jk - October 25

Why wait so long to tell him? Buy a baby item like booties,pacifier, or bib and wrap it up and give it to him tomorrow!!!


S.C. - October 25

If you've seen the doctor already, you could get a copy of the bill, and checkup info. and give it to him. I think that would be 100% proof!


?? - October 25

Uhm.. hello?? this post is almost a year old! I'm sure he knows by now! LOL


S.C. - October 25

Why would someone pull up an old post that old? They should just delete the one's six months or older. I didn't even notice the date. Nobody would even reply if they noticed a date that old.


AMS - October 25

Sammie, please tell me how early you took it, I am only 10 days late and it says neg all 3 times i tested



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