Tha Cold Pregnant An Worried

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chicana - December 31

im about 7 weeks now an was wondering if anyone else had tha cold during there pregnancy an should i be really worried


Yes - December 31

I am 37 weeks preggo and I have had a cold for about 4 days now. The first 2 days I could hardly eat and now i'm a little better but not 100%. Your body will take care of your baby Remember you have the cold he or she doesn't, also remember you can only take certain medicines your dr's office should have given you a list. Hope this helps a little but remember you dr is getting paid by you so don't be afraid to ask questions.


rl - December 31

I am 35wks now but a couple of wks ago I had a cold was not very bad and took an aproved cold med only took one tab instead of two and only did this twice and all is fine so just becareful during your first trimester that is the most delicate time so talk to your doctor you can always call there and talk to the nurse and they can advise you on what is safe to take oh and I used a saline nasal spray for my stuffy nose that is totally safe it is only a saltwater solution and will not harm your baby and you can always use a cold remedy that is meant for babies as well good luck and hope you feel better soon


JB - December 31

I am fighting off the second cold of my pregnancy. Early int he oregnancy I had a cold and had a fever with it. I was told to call the dr if I had a fever, just to make sure thigns were ok. This second cold is not nearly as bad, but it is lingering on. I feel fine, but sound like marge simpson. Anyhow, I just want to let you know that colds happen and I agree with RL in her post. Also, be sure to call the doctor if you do have a fever.


Heather L - December 31

I'm 22 weeks and have been sick off and on for about the last 8 weeks. Don't be worried unless you have trouble breathing or get a VERY high (over 103 degrees) temperature. Otherwise, just try to take it easy. I had colds like this with my other 2 children and they were just fine. *hugs* Get better vibes sent your way!


chicana - January 2

thanks alot fortha advice


:o) - January 2

My doctor told me to take Tylenol Cold. It worked well with both my pregnancies.



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