The Needle Trick Does It Really Work

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Tiffany814 - June 14

Okay, how many of you tried the old wives tale with the needle on a string, you rub in on your forearm or belly then hang let it hang over that area, remain still and wait for it to move in a circle (which means girl) or swing back and forth (which means boy)? How many of you tried this and eitther had an US to confirm the s_x or delivered what the 'needle' said you would? Everyone I know that has done this, it works for. Even my SIL who knows shes having a boy...its weird. This is just for fun, how many of you tried it??


KLT - June 14

Me! I've been doing the needle test over and over and keep getting the same results, no matter what day I do it on. I just had my US and was told I am having a girl...which the needle told me! We'll find out for sure in October when she arrives.... I did the test on my mom and it said she had a girl (i'm her only child) and did the test on my husband and the needle stood still - which they said would happen. Craziness!! : )


notnow - June 14

My mother in law did it on myself (3x) and both my sil and each time it was correct. The only thing different was that she rubbed the needle in the middle of my palm.


Tiffany814 - June 14

Isn't it crazy! My husband thinks I'm nuts but every single time it comes out the same. KLT, thats so funny cause I do it all the time too and tried it on my hubby and it stood still too! Its so weird but for some reason I have faith in it. My circles too for a girl, so we'll see!


confusedlady - June 14

My friend did it to me and it says neither boy or girl so i am guessing that means no baby and that terifies me so much, that is my worst im hopeing it isnt true


KLT - June 14

Maybe your friend didn't do it right?? Then again..its JUST an old wives tale and for fun!! Don't let it worry you!!!! : )


Jennifer28 - June 14

I'm going to try it tonight!! I won't know if it is right or not until July 3 when I have my u/s. Guess I'll just have to wait and see! :)


Tiffany814 - June 14

confusedlady- KLT is right, your friend may have done it wrong. Why don't you try doing it yourself? I head it works either way, it does for me- when I do it or someone else does- same result every time! Its fun if nothing else, its definitley NOT science so don't worry! Jennifer, do it tonight and let us know- do you have a feeling either way?


AmyB - June 19

jennifer my us is also on the 3rd how far along are you?


Athom - June 19

Me and a friend of mine did it and it was wrong for both of us. its a 50/50 chance of being right or wrong


livdea - June 19

I tried! I did it several different times and guess what? One time it would tell me boy, the next girl, boy, girl, girl, boy, girl, boy, yeah you get the drift! And one time it even said boy and girl at the same time! I thought I was having twins! Nope, but I am having a girl in a few weeks!


Jennifer28 - June 19

Hi girls! Sorry, I completely forgot to do it that night. Then, dh and I talked about trying it a couple of times but got sidetracked. My brain just isn't what it used to be. :) I will do my best to remember to try it tonight and let you girls know what it predicted ASAP. Only 2 wks until my u/s! Yippee!! I have had 2 dreams I am having a boy. But, I truly do not care either way. AMY- I am 16w 1d today. How far along are you? How exciting we're having our u/s on the same day! Did you try the needle test? What did it predict if you did? Anyone else have an u/s coming up soon or already had one besides KLT? (Congrats on you bby girl, KLT!!)


singlem0m - June 19

My sister did the needle trick and it said boy, a few months later a whopping 10 lbs boy arrived! :) It says boy for me too so we'll see...


KLT - June 19

Thanks Jennifer28! : ) I just had to do the test again..since its been awhile... still a girl! :-P


Jennifer28 - June 20

Well... I tried it this morning and it was swinging back and forth. I tried it a couple of times with the same results. I'm going to try it again tonight just to make sure. All signs, old wives tales, dreams and even the chinese calendar says boy. If I have a girl I will be really surprised! I'll prove all of the theories wrong at one time! :)


Joelle - July 5

I did it and it says boy!!! i did it on my grandma and it went thro the 7 kids she had.. i dont know what im having yet but ill let you all know when i find out:)


brooke98 - May 29

im new at this and um my friend and I did the needle trick and it said i was having a girl but i dont even know if im pregnant or not... i mean i took some pregnancy tests and some came up negative and some came up posative im sooo confused i having took a blood test and i having had an ultrasound done... ugh im so confused... my friend and i kept doing it different days and it still said the same thing and i asked people that i know who have done it and didnt know they was pregnant and it said they was having a girl and then she found out she was pregnant... does that mean im pregnant.... i need help...



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