The Baby S Dad Is Now Engaged To Another Girl What Do I Do

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Tammy - March 22

i am pregnant and my ex bf broke up with me about 2 months ago and is already engaged to another girl how do i get him involesd when the baby comes


Jamie - March 23

Well, if he doesn't get involved voluntarily, use the courts to do it. You may have to pay for a paternity test, but you can get child support, and possibly forced visitation.


Maleficent - March 23

what jamie said! you cant force him to take interest in the pregnancy, but once the baby is here there are avenues you can take to give your baby a chance to bond with his father. hopefully he'll come around on his own.


Tammy - March 23

well i called and and talked with him last night but he is just being the same old him


Tammy - March 23

Thanks for the advice from everyone:)


To Jamie - March 23

I really don't want to press visitation i don't want my baby to be some where that it's no wanted there ya know


Jen - March 23

Obviously he was with her the whole time. I would confront her and let her know he got you pregnant


Julie - March 23

I recommend making sure he will pay support for this child. As far as getting him to be part of your life I would forget it. If he is that selfish that he has already moved on I wouldn't want him anyway! Good Luck to you and your baby.


#2 - March 23

Trust me, you don't want someone around if they don't want to be there. If it's money you're concerned about... don't worry about that, you'll get it!


Tammy - March 23

Thanks you guys i am just starting week 15 and i am so tired but all keep you up dated


To Jen - March 23

we dated 2 1/2 years and he told me that he told her but i don't have anyway of getting a hold of here to talk to her so i am in a bad spot


Mellissa - March 23

I hate to say it, but I agree with don't get engaged to someone after just 2 months..they had to have been seeing eachother secretly for a while...but like everyone else says, child support is the best way to go if he doesn't take care of his child...


Billie - March 23

THis is off topic but my husband and I got engaged 2 months after we met and got married a month and a half later. We've been together for 31/2 years now! So what I'm trying to say is that maybe some people can get engaged after 2 months of seeing someone!


Tammy - March 23

Yeah i really don't think that he cheated on me he is not like that and i think i am just going to let it be if he wants to get a hold then he could


Jamie - March 24

Yah, my husband and I met March 26, started dating May 2, were engaged by May 15, and married June 25...less than a year later, I'm preggers with #1 of 2-10 kids (we're still "discussing" that one). Anyway, I understand not wanting to force visitation - but I'd say, at least try to make sure your baby meets and knows his/her father - dad may not be interested now, but in a few years, who knows?


Lou - April 6

Its like this but the truth hurts for him to break up with you and then in 2months be engaged he was already with her but didn’t know how to break it off with you . And as for him let him make the effort to get involved and if he doesn’t then get him involved involuntary and get child support right out of his check. A man is going to be a man but remember you didn’t make that baby alone so why should you have to take care of it alone.


toes - April 6

ok, so getting child support is a gimme, but as for getting him involved that's entirely up to him. It's hard, but I'd rather concentrate on positive male role models than the fella who got you preggers then ran. As for whether he was cheating, chances are yeah BUT I was seperated for 3 years (everything was amicable between us and we had better things to do with our money than spend 1-2 grand on a divorce), and had been dating one woman exclusively for almost a solid year. Well, I was online looking for folks with similar interests and the time line was met a girl on friday, broke up with gf on saturday and proposed to new gf the next saturday and got married a couple months later. We're now just 6 weeks away from baby #1, not sure how many we're gonna have. The really funny part is I'd asked my wife 6 months earlier if she'd wanna give it a try again, primarily cuz of the kids, and she said no.



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