The Best Pregnancy Baby Store Ever

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E - June 8

Just wanted to share this wonderful store, full of cute maternity clothes and fabulous baby finds. ------------


E - June 8

Oh, everyone and their mother had these baby shoes in Boston. They are from The Magic Bean and look so cute and comfy on babies. Remove any hypens that appear, = signs may stay. --------------------


P - June 8

Those shoes are called Robeez. I want one in every style!! lol Try eBay too. You may get them a little cheaper. Better still, if you're in Canada they're even less expensive and you get the US exchange rate!! :)


amanda.d - June 8

My mom makes little slippers like Robeez, so I know I am getting a pair when my little one comes.They are actually simple to make if you have the right leather and machine, etc.


..... - June 8

Ok the babystyle stuff may be cute, but I'm sorry it is WAY too expensive...I can't spend that much on maternity clothes or baby clothes for that matter, that will be grown out of in no time. Must be nice to be rich.


Jessie - June 8

Ya it is cute stuff, however way too expensive. thanks for the link any way.


notsure - June 8

well ..... I have to tell you that is not that nice to be rich..there is lots of things that you enjoy more when you are just a normal person or even low cla__s..All that rich people you see either in person or in t.v are just a bunch of fake people very empty from their hearts (well at least most of them) and all that nice stuff they have they don't enjoy it because they got it free w/o an effort at least in my opinion, I think that its better when you work for something very hard you apreciate it more..when you are rich all you have to do is ask for it..its no fun..belive me..and they may not have money problems but they do have problems b/c of the money they have..I will say that they live more stressed than normal people!


E - June 8

I am not rich, if you were implying that I am. I do not think all of the maternity clothes are too expensive. Many of the items are under $50. A dress for $32.99 seems reasonable. I invested in 3 pair of nice pants from Pea in the Pod (expensive) and some average tops, when I was pregnant. Having nice pants that would not go out of style was important to me, and I know when I am pregnant again, I will not need to buy them again. I just wanted to share what I thought was a cute store. I do agree that the baby clothing is pricey, but it is okay to splurge once in a while. I bought most of my baby clothes from Baby Gap, and from the sale rack. I bought well in advance so I could save some money. If you wait until you are almost due, you will be stuck purchasing items at full price, for the most part.


Marisa - June 9

Thank you for this! I think the maternity outfits are adorable and also afordable. To each their own when it comes to how much a person is willing to spend on stuff like this. You do not have to buy this stuff yoruself, you can register online for it.


Julie - June 9

My husband makes very good money and I don't know if you would call us rich but I take offense to you saying about people who have money. My husband busts his a__s to have what we have and he works a hell of lot harder than others who sit around complaining about what they don't have. I'll tell you what the harder you work the luckier you get. Most rich people worked to get what they have. No one is going to give you $$$ for sitting around doing nothing!


Steph - June 9

I bought a lot of my daughters clothes from Kmart, Walmart, Baby Gap, Children's Place, etc., when I was pregnant and ONLY bought things that were on clearance. I am ttc with my husband right now, and when I find cute maternity clothes that are on sale and that are really marked down, I buy them. We are certainly not rich, we both work full time and have everything we need, (not want LOL!) but buying nice things every once in a while is worth it. Also you have to spend some extra money on things to make sure that they last as well. (Depending on what it is)


BBK - June 9

There is nothing wrong with having money, but nothing wrong with not having it either, as long as you're happy with your life. Anyway, when going out for a stroll (that will hopefully a__sist my wife's birth) in Central Park this weekend, I almost had a seizure looking at all the (expensive) baby gear on parade. I must have counted 50 frogs, 10 Stokkes, and 100 mclaren strollers. There were others like mountain buggies, but I'd say the maclarens outnumbered them all with the frogs a distant second. The trendiest diaper bag out there is skiphop ( was also pretty common. Most looked like average working people with maybe a couple of exceptions.


E - June 9

BBK - I saw the same thing in Boston. It's all about who has what... You should see the way women (in malls) stare at other children and strollers, comparing what they have to themeselves. I had to get a job at Pottery Barn Kids, to afford the items I wanted from them. I worked only 4-8 hours a week, and it was worth it for 40% off.


E - June 9

Oh, Skiphop is dirt cheap compared to some of the bags on the market. I am shocked!


BBK - June 9

I agree, it's reasonable but trendy. Somehow Skiphop seemed to be the common bond among these parents (LOL!). As for strollers, saw some that I've never seen stateside. People just go nuts and go all the way to Europe to buy strollers I guess.


....... - June 9

I never said it was bad to be rich, I said it must be nice. I would love to have money, believe me. We work REALLY hard, for everything, but we can still barely get by. It gets depressing. We don't sit on our b___ts and wish we had money, we work really hard. We even have decent paying jobs but still can't afford to buy the kinds of things babystyle sells because of the cost of living. So Julie I find it very rude that you imply that people that don't have money sit around and do nothing. That cannot be farther from the truth(for most of us). And yes, I feel like 32$ for a maternity dress is a lot of money...not saying no one should spend that kind of money on a dress, I would LOVE to be able to afford the stuff on this site, they do have really cute stuff! WOW E 40% off is a great deal! Potterbarn kids has really cute stuff...of course stuff I can't afford! lol But really cute nonetheless... Things are just so overpriced these days.


........ - June 9

I checked out bags, but man they are so high! I bought my friend her diaper bag on sale at JC Penney's for 9.99....and it's a nice canvas one. I can't imagine having that much extra money to spend...maybe one of these days! :o)



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