The Best Things About Being Pregnant

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Lisa - November 6

Hi everyone! Don't you find there are some really good things are being pregnant. Like for example food taste sooooo much better! I just made homemade cinnamon rolls and they are delicious! Feeling your baby kicking and watching your stomach move; hearing the heartbeat when you get your ultrasounds; finding some nice looking maternity clothing; your husband telling you how s_xy you look with your belly and loving the fact that you are carrying his child! Does anyone have anything good they would like to share, just because?


Jeriah - November 6

I love my increased sense of taste.


Lisa - November 6

Me too! Everything taste so much better! I made some hamburgers on the grill the other night (I had a double burger with cheese) with pickles and all that and I almost died it was so good. I can't believe how much better things taste!


Christi - November 6

I love feeling the baby kick. Its the coolest feeling in the world. I would not trade that for anything


jb - November 6

I love feeling the baby move! But now as I get farther along, its get a little more painful when she kicks, so in a month or two I might not love it so much ;o) I also love people calling me cute all the time, not having to hold in my stomach, and being able to eat whenever and whatever I want.


Renee - November 6

I love not having a period. I love feeling as if every meal I have is the best meal I've ever had. I love that orgasms are so much more intense, despite having a lower s_x drive. AND, I love it that I can eat every 2-3 hrs and not feel like I should be watching how much I eat!!!! Yea pregnancy!!


ally - November 6

sorry lisa i could never share your joy with you, i didn't like it and its not for everyone hey.... Glad u are having a ball with it though, i did enjoy the ultra sounds and hearing the heart beat and being told my measurements etc, as for the rest ....... uh no.. all the best lisa and wait and see how much better u feel when u no longer are carrying around that heavy balloon, take care


ally - November 6

Just realised heavy balloon may not sound very nice haha, i call my daughter the big balloon as she went from the 6 pound tiny baby to the big balloon basically... i will rephrase it, when that baby is in ur arms your joy will be even more intense and once you give birth you will feel a whole lot lighter and better, again all the best


Lindsay - November 7

I'm with Renee, i dont miss my period a bit! i also love having my hubby do little things like tie my shoes and rub my feet :) and i agree food is great! but the one thing i do miss is my little figure and clothes!!!


Lisa - To Ally - November 7

Well today I am feeling like a water buffalo; and I'm finding it hard to bend over. I was looking in my closet (should know better) and got to see all my nice clothes I wont be able to wear for another 4 months...(big sigh)...well, there are worse things that could happen to me.


To lisa - November 7

I know what you mean about looking in your closet and seeing those clothes you can't wear. To help myself get out of that "depression" I took everything that I could no longer wear at the moment and packed it away. I saved out some things that I might be able to fit into after the baby is born and put them in a drawer. The only thing in my closet right now is maternity clothes. It is much easier trying to pick something out to wear this way, and I don't get nearly so sad when I open the closet. Don't throw away your clothes., I just put mine into a suitcase for a few months. Hope this helps you.


kris a. - November 7

If I put all my clothes away except for maternity clothes, I would have three shirts, a couple sweaters, and three pairs of pants in there...LOL I didn't really buy any maternity clothes, just wore sweatshirts, fleece shirts, and big tshirts over my sweats and couple pair of maternity pants. Now that I have two weeks to go, the pants all slide down under my belly so I am constantly hitching them back up. Looks pretty stupid, but I am pregnant, what do I care? :) I love the baby squirming around - it lets me know she's happy and healthy, and I love it most when hubby looks at me in a really tender way and says, "thank you for having my baby" - thats the best.


Lisa - November 7

Don't worry, I won't be throwing away my clothing. I plan on getting back into my size 6 when I'm done. I've boughten a few designer pieces off of ebay as well to give me incentive when after I have my little girl to lose the weight fast! That always works for me! :) KRIS A - Your husband sounds so sweet, I love it when they get like that and touch and kiss your belly.


:o) - November 7

I like the fact that my guy is so much sweeter to me these days! I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore. I know the first month after I deliver I will be a bit sad because I will miss my baby's kicks and his hiccups. With my first I felt a little lost that I didn't have my daughter in my tummy anymore. It was like separation anxiety! But of course that went away because I was so happy to have her in my arms! So back to the question! The best part about being pregnant is the way I get treated and feeling my baby move!


Dez - November 8

Maternity clothes suck, and my boyfriend doesnt tell me how s_xy I look, lol in fact he tells me how fat I am (Oh well this is our second and he is gaining just as much weight as me this time, so I get to tell him how fat he is too, lol) . I do love to eat although I get sick everytime I do. But the best part of being pregnant is that I will soon have another beautiful baby to love, and nothing can compare to the love you feel for your children. I am sorry to sound sour, that isnt my intention, I am actually smiling as I write this.



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