The Condom Had A Hole In It

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jenna - September 22

h__lo my name is jenna.. please listen to my story and give me your advice.. i was on the dep shot.. ive been off it for about a month... and also just got off my period.. my boyfriend and i had s_x the other nite, we used a condom but it had a hole in it... what are the chances i could be pregnant????


sandy - September 22

If you were fertile you can very well be pregnant


jenna - September 22

really!! :d.. that is exactly what i want... but i heard that it takes 6 months after being off dep to be able to get pregnant


AnOn - September 22

If you are trying...why are you using a condom?


jenna - September 23

well im not exactly trying.. i just would be happy if i was.. if that makes sence


jenna - September 25

oh just a little more info for you... my period stoped on the 20th... we had s_x on the nite of the 21st... today is the 25th and im spotting.. coud i be pregnant?????????


April - September 26

Sounds like that could be implantation bleeding....


Viv - September 26

Under normal circ_mstances, if your last period started on, say, the 14th then on a 28 day cycle you wouldn't be due to ovulate until the 28th. If you ovulated early, like today the 26th, the sperm from the 21st could still do its job. Coming off Depo, it's hard to say what is happening. You will probably have to wait for your cycle to settle down.


ST - September 27

Coming off the depo shot is different for everyone. I got off it about 6 months ago, and it took 2 months to get back to normal. But if you've used the depo shot for say 3 years, it could take up to 1 year to be fertile again, but it's different for everyone.


jenna - September 27

i only took the shot twice... today the blood from my 'spotting' was a little heavier at times(only a little heavier)..does spotting do that?


ST - September 27

I need a bit more info. Do you know the date of when you got your last depo shot?


ST - September 27

The reason I'm asking is this, the depo shot is supposed to be effective for just over 3 months. Even if you miss getting your depo shot and you go like a week over before getting it again, you're still protected for at least 2 weeks after the suggested time that you get your shot again. But as it's been a month already, you can very well be fertile. My spotting stopped 2 weeks after my depo shot expired, but from experience, my spotting changed all the time, sometimes light, sometimes almost as heavy as a period.


jenna - September 27

hi.. im not exactly sure when i GOT my last shot... but i my last dep shot was up on july 20th... thats when my doctor said i was due for my next shot


ana - October 2

you can know if you are or aren't pregnant right now... world-wide newness... I give you my mail [email protected]



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