The Creepy Guy

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shuddering - October 16

I was standing in line today at the store and there was this creepy guy behind me. My DH had gone to the washroom to change our son so I was all alone. He kept inching up to me until he was literally standing two inches behind me.. if that. I kept trying to move forwards but the line wasn't moving so I had no where to go (the store was very busy). I could feel his breath on my neck! YUCK! He reaked like BO too. My DH came back and saw this and the look of fear on my face and said "this line isn't moving, lets find another one". I turned to get out of line and he put his hand out like he was going to touch my belly!! (luckily DH got between us and grabbed the cart from me) I am so grossed out that this guy was trying to spoon me or something, but even grosser is that he wanted to cop a feel.. of my BELLY! My hubby said there are some guys who dig the pregnant thing but I have never heard of that and all I can say is EWWWWWW!


dani - October 16

I'm so sorry this happened to you, and your DH is right there are FREAKS out there that enjoy preggo women. I think it's disgusting!!! Well, thank god your hubby came back in time to move you away from this creep.


ally - October 17

Some men are into the pregnant women, sorry u went thru that. You should have put him in his place and said, are u right there or can i help u, embarra__sed the sucker. Don't let it get u feeling bad though, its his problem, he is the sicko, u just happened to be in the wrong line at the wrong time, take care k


Lisa - October 17

Ick! Some men are gross!! I don't understand the s_xual attraction other men would have to someone elses wife is obviously very pregnant... I can see the husband, but not someone else. Thank god you were with your husband that day and not shopping alone when you ran into that pervert. Situations like that make me want to carry around a Tazer.


Rachel.R - October 17

Eww.. that is creepy.. If it happened to me, i would have turned to him and very loudly said "excuse me, would you mind backing off, and stop trying to touch me" I would make everyone look at him like what a sicko. lol. creepy guys remind me of my ex boyfriend, eww was that a mistake, he was a rebound bf, very ugly, very scary looking, and very strange.. He looks alot like wallace out of wallace and gromit. lol. There are sum real sick pervs out there... YUK


hey - October 17

Sounds like you did find a genuine perv, extra YUCKY, but it is kinda of funny.


Lissi - October 17

Urgh! That's so gross! Glad you got away before he touched you!


kris A. - October 17

I agree with the others who posted being loud and aggressive is the way to go, first to stop the behaviour towards you and second to make him think twice about threatening someone else. Easier said than done, I know... but we have to stand for ourselves and put these potential monsters in their place. When someone makes me uncomfortable - I tell them so - loudly. People are much more likely to come to our aid when we are pregnant, but we are also more likely to be a soft target.... direct eye contact and an aggressive and loud voice do wonders to having people back off...



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