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Maddie - June 20

I'm just going to keep posting questions cause I keep coming up with them! =0) I'm wondering for all you mammas...WHAT WENT ON THE DAY YOU WENT INTO LABOR? 1) How were you feeling 2) were you ready to have the baby, or were you scared and had anxiety about becoming a parent 3) did you try to naturally induce? 4) what % effaced were you 5) how much were you dilated...OK...I'LL STOP NOW. Please let us know, I am dying to hear stories of women going into labor. I've tried everything...I think I'm going to scrub the kitchen floor and paint a bookcase today...maybe that'll do it!


Maleficent - June 20

my first time i was induced at 41 weeks because i had complications. i was doped up and monitored from start to finish. it left me very unprepared for the second time. i was walking around town minding my own business when i felt like i peed my pants. it wasn't a gush of fluid, more like a trickle. about 5 minutes later it happened again, then 5 minutes later again. i realized it was happening becasue i was having contractions and we zoomed up to the hospital. 3 hours later i was nursing my daughter. your time will come, all you can do is wait. :o)


Maddie - June 20

Maleficent...I'm almost 41 weeks, so do you mind my asking what complications you had? Also, how far along were you when your water broke the 2nd time?


Christina - June 20

Hey Maddie, try complaining to your doctor that you are in a lot of pain and maybe they will induce you. My friend did that and they induced her 2 days before her due date.


Maddie - June 20

I think I will. I'll say I'm in tears each night cause my back hurts so bad! (It's almost true, just not the "tears" part). My friend is due July 1st...and she's getting induced on the 23rd!!! I'm so mad, she'll probably have her baby before me! >=( & her reason to the doctor was that her husband would be in town that week.


Christina - June 20

I would if I were you. My back kills me and I am only 30 weeks. I also had terrible sharp period like cramps and lower back cramps last night. They were irregular and finally went away so I didn't call the doctor. It hurt so bad though. I may start really complaining a few days before I am due!! :)


Jamie - June 20

Hey, Maddie - EVERYONE I know has told me that a great way to jump-start labor is to go have some great s_x. Orgasms cause the uterus to contract - contractions are what you want!


TK - June 20

I think when you relax you will go into labor. You seem so obsessed. sorry :(


Lesley - June 20

This will be quite a long one. I will tell you about both of mine. !st baby - I was 14 days late and was due in the hospital at 20:00 was going to be induced at 22:00. I was scared but excited. I went into the hospital to be told I would have to be alone. My partner was getting sent home at 20:30. I cried and cried, I didn;t want to do this on my own. But however by 20:20 I was in labour. Got took down to the delievery room and my partner got to stay with me! The labour was long and very tiring. By 6:00 I was too tired and was beging for some sleep. They told me it will be a while before the baby will show (I was only 4cm dilated) so I should think about getting some pain relief that will let me sleep. I refused. Then at 10:00 I was only 5cm. I could of cried. They attached a drip to try and speed it up and by 10:30 I was 10cm dilated. Ready to push. Only by then I was so tired I didn't have the energy for it. It took 1 and a half hours to push him out. With my 2nd baby - I was in hospital due to high blood pressure. It was the Thursday morning I said to the midwife I was feelin unwell and had slight cramps. She give me an internal (I was 9 days over this time) and she said that I hadn't dilated but she would take me to the delivery room and put me on the monitor for an hour. I called my partner to come. He was there almost straight away. After 90 mins of being monitored they said that I am not contracting. So we were took into a side room just between the delivery suit and the ward. The cramps soon went and I thought nothing else of it. Untill 11:50. I thought I needed a number "2". Went to the toilet only this pain was a lot different to what I was used to! So hearing my shouts a midwife came in and said it's time to push the baby out. How shocked was I!!! Only a few mins earlier I was watching TV and having a laugh with my partner, and in no pain whatsoever! So I had to give birth in a bathroom. It took 40 mins to push her out. The pain was sooooo bad and all I wanted was something to take it away. However looking back I am glad it went that quick and that I didn't have anything. I was home within 5 hours of giving birth.


Maddie - June 20

TK, good observation. I am quite obsessed, you probably have read at least one of my other hundred or so posts on how to bring on labor!! =) I think I'm making everyone crazy. It's just that I don't know anyone who has gone OVER their due seems doctors are so anxious to induce now a days. Leslie...thanks for the info. I know the feeling of having to go #2, i'm feeling those kinds of pains right now. It's really bad cramping so hopefully I'll be able to time them soon. But, who next appointment is wednesday, so we'll see.


KH - June 20

most of the people I know have gone over their due dates (first time moms anyway). It's very normal :) Hang in there!


KM - June 20

I got cervidil, and it put me into labour, but my induction was schedueled for the next mrning.b4 the cervidil i was 1/2 a cm, then about 4 hrs later when i went to the hospital w/contractions 5 mins apart i was 3 cms.I started having back pain/early labour at a restaurant lol. I was SO ready to have the baby. I was excited. Not scared or nervous.



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