The Difference In Carrying A Boy And Girl

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CC - February 27

My question is do you really carry different with a girl from a boy and do you really gain more weight with a boy? Actually is there anything different with being pregnant with one or the other?


julie - February 27

Not that Ii am any expert but I gained 50 lbs. with my son and most of my friends who have had boys also gained a lot of weight. With girls most of my girlfriends didn't gain as much weight and it was all belly. With my son I gained weight everywhere especially my b___t and arms? I don't know if this helps but that is what happened with me. I am 8 weeks now and have only gained a few lbs. so I wonder if I am having a girl this time. In my first trimester with my son I gained 20. I am also very small and with my son I was very very hungry!


rose - February 27

with my daughter i had just a little ball on the front(couldnt tell i was even preg from behind) and only gained 25 pounds.;..with my son i gained 35 pounds and had alot of "back fat" and my a__s turned into a booty...that was the difference for me


Keri - February 27

I think that every pregnancy is different, regardless of s_x. I gained very little weight with my son but I gained about 30 pounds with my daughter. I have friends where the opposite happened as well. I don't think that the way you carry is a reliable way to tell.


amanda - February 27

what ever you do don't listen to people when they tell u it's high for a girl low for a boy, sweet for a girl sour for a boy, i thought my 2nd child was a girl as i followed and had all the signs but i was very shocked when he arrived, i am now pregnant with 3rd and i'm not even trying to guess the s_x, if i have a boy i have a boy, i am 28 i can try for a girl another time. one thing i won't do is go on the sites to see what symptoms you get with a girl because i get very excited and most of it is a load of rubbish, u get what u get at the end of the day



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