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stressed out alot - October 25

I am not a dog person in the first place so please dont patronise me with the a dog is for life c__p, my hubby wanted her so we got one, never realised that my hubby would find a new job and be away so much, but when he is home he treat her like a baby, she never listens because he is so soft with her. i went to move her away from the back door a couple of days ago as she had already been out about 6 times, when i moved her she bite me, yes drew blood i now have to big scabs on my hand, and i can in all honesty say i hate her, im 4 months pregnant with our second child, so hormones are all over, and i am very concerned with the dog, she does not like other babies when my friends bring them round, she just stares and growls, everyone thinks i should just wait and see how she is but my argument is what if that is too late, me and my partner argue all the time about the dog, and basically i have had enough. please advise me what to do as i have really had enough and dont think i am been at all unreasonable..


... - October 25

Id tell him to do something(dicipline) or else you are going to find a new hom. Its not your dog and your going to have an even harder time after the baby.


crh - October 25

ditch the dog. When I was pregnant with my first we had 2 dogs and I had to give mine away as he only liked me and would bite and snap. Your childrens safety and the safety of other kids when the come over is what is most important. Do you really want a lawsuit when the dog bites someone else's kid or your own? Nothing is more heartbreaking than a child that has been scarred for life due to a dog bite. I am a dog lover, but my kids come first.


Jewell24 - October 25

I love my dogs deeply but if they bit me and showed aggression towards child they'd be gone. It's not worth the risk. Find a home for the dog where there is no children. If your hubby has a problem ask him love the dog more then your own child? You want to risk losing your childs life to an aggressive dog that has already proven it bites? A good bite from a big dog can leave scares for life. If bad enough could kill a small infent. Again I love dogs but it's just not worth the risks.


me - October 25

One thing I learned about dogs, if they can show aggression to their owners, then they will to everyone else too! That is not the kind of dog you want in your home! Your dog bit you? I'd throw in the back yard, and leave it there until your DH finds it a new home. I'm afraid discipline will not work at this stage of the game. The dog already knows you dont like it, and is becoming territorial with you in your own home. A female dog, will be very faithful and protective of her male master, but unfortunately, will become an aggressor with the female master. Its a territorial thing, and a female dog will want to prove her spot in the home. Usually by trying to eliminate any compet_tion... being you. If your dog bit your other child, would you even consider options for it? Not likely. The dog would be gone, NOW. Your safety is just as important as your childs. Get rid of the dog. If your DH fights with you about it, then tell him he's next! We have a Rottweiller, and he has never showed aggression to anyone in iur home, yet. The possibilities are still there, and my DH knows that if the dog someday got vicious, he is gone. Dh understands, dog teeth hurt. The family is what is most important. Not the dog.


breeann - October 25

You ahould not have a dog if you are not a "dog person". "throw the dog in the backyard until he finds it a home".....That is an insane comment. Of course the family is the most important, but the dog is part of your family now that you and your husband brought it in. Be responsible and think rationally. Are you saying the dog suddenly turned agressive? Hard to believe. You should show your kids what a responsible adult and pet owner does...Work with the dog on it's issues. A pet is not a fleeting responsiblity, your kids should see that. Most aggressive dogs are so because of people. Especially if raised by people who are not "dog people" aka people who don't like dogs.


H.S. - October 25

I've worked with the Humane Society, and never seen a dog to bite the hand that feeds him unless he's been hurt in some way by that person. It seems you and your partner were together when the dog was bought. So you should have told him NO before you allowed him to get close. If your husband is always away now I'd find a better, new home other than having you have to care for it seeing as you hate it. But since the dog isn't personally yours I'd never allow you to find the home if I were him. What kind of dog is it? Small dogs aren't good to stay out all the time, but if it's a big dog you could get a fifteen foot cable and tie him up. And when your husband is home he can take him on walks and all. You could feed the dog for him. You could tie the dog out all day, and bring it back in after dinner if it's small. I've had many dogs in my family's lives for the past seven years now. Maybe it's just me, but I've never had any to bite at, or hurt any of my kids. I know they can, but maybe a child has hurt it some way. Everytime I've ever had to bring in a dog, for some reason they can come in sick, mean, untrained, and totally wild. And go out loving, healthy, obediant, and calm. They can tell who likes them and who fears them. They can tell the difference in certain types of people. I know there can be some compromise here. I've done it myself. Just make sure you find the dog a safe home.


Sara - October 25

I love dogs and believe and could never get rid of mine but there is a time you have to draw the line and if you dont like her its not fair as dogs have feelings as much as we do and maybe she sensed it thats why she bit you also she misses her daddy but you cant keep her if you dont love her or yes she may harm the baby out of jelousy but do what you can to find the best home for her as you must remeber they are very sensitive ansd feel they same way we do trust me they get depressed and if they had tears you would see them cry all the best to you hope your hand feels better soon


D - October 25

You can send her to obedience school, that would be better than having a major fight with your partner. Or find a friend who lives close that will take her but your partner can visit her. You & your partner need to reach a compromise.


kris A. - October 25

I agree completely with you and crh. Ditch the dog. Take it to the humane society and be honest with them as to the dogs good and bad points. Nothing is worse than a heartbroken animal wondering why it is now suddenly condemned to life on a line with minimal interaction that slowly dies down to no interaction, not even putting the dog down. The up side is that someone may bring your dog home and give it a great life, and everyone will be better off. I live on a ranch and we have a more country view of animals - take excellent care of your animal, care for it, love it if you wish, maintain their health with vet care. If you cant do those things place the animal in a home who can. No regrets, just life.


Lisa - October 25

That is not a good situation; you're dog has showed aggression and actually bit you. He thinks he is the alpha in the unit. You need to think about either having this dog taken to obedience cla__ses or adopted. You can not have a child around that dog. I have two minature schnauzers and they are very young (1 and 2) but they have never bitten a person before.


CJ - October 25

First off, it is never the dogs fault in aggressive/distruptive is the human. Dogs are pack animals and show traits of that society. If you never fixed the problem in the first place, and your partner is gone all the time, than you are people who should never have gotten a dog in the first place. So, sad as it is..I would take it to a no-kill shelter, and hope it gets put with some people who want to understand dog behavior and will give it the time and attention it desearves. Dogs are social animals and being alone tied up all day is animal cruelty. Just surrender the animal to a shelter, and let them find a new home for it. And don't get anymore pets!!


Lisa - October 25

Everybody has some really good points. I've had dogs my whole life as a child and as an adult and I've never had an aggressive dog. Animals need lots of love and attention from all people in the family; as they are pack animals. They need to know where they fit in the pack and they look to you to tell them. When left alone if they are not properly raised dogs will destroy things, mess on the floor and just generally be bad...and they do this because they weren't taught properly and when their owner is gone they don't know how to behave and there is no one there to tell them different. Mine are given a tremendous amount of love and attention and they are better dogs for it; but both my husband and I wanted the two Schnauzers. The eldest was taken to puppy school and obedience cla__ses and I am teaching the younger one myself and they are better for it. They want to make you happy and when you're involved and do things with your animals they are better for it. Sorry to go on so much, I just love animals and hate to see when they are having troubles.


H.S. - October 25

I'm not sure about where you're from, but in my county if you take an animal to any shelter, (one that kills or not) when you tell them the dog is a real danger to people, they will send it straight to the pound just to be killed. They will even write on it's papers not to try to find a home, just euthanize. So if the dog can be trained(and don't just tell yourself it can't because you hate it) don't tell others that it is a danger and untrainable.


Sara - October 26

I have to pit bulls and never have bitten and sleep with my daughter love them and they love you back they treat you as you treat them


lisa + - October 26

I am happy to say I have a wonderful dog ,however this took ALOT of work, obdience cla__s etc. I have been injured by our dog (scratches nips etc ) from just rough housing with her. It can hurt quite a bit! If this dog has out and out bit you, I would recomend consulting with both your vet ( the animal could be sick!) or an animal behaviorist ASAP. These people can help you to correct aggressive behavior before it escalates. Don't just dump the dog because they are a product of YOUR training (or lack of) and do not leave the dog alone with your other child. You may not like the dog now but you may find that training will be a bonding experience; one that should involve your entire family. Good Luck


teigan - October 30

thankyou for all of your suggestions, although i am unhappy about certain ones, the ones where they say my dog would not bite me unless i have beaten it, i would never beat a dog, especially a bullmastiff.. one... they are extremly big dogs... 2 i love her to bits..although she bit me.. and three although she bit me, bullmastiffs are very soft dogs and one smack could send there behaviour into all sorts of trouble, i have been intouch with an obedience cla__s nd the lady comes to my house, and she thinks she is great, although has deffinatley picked up that she doesnt like children, even though she is fine with our 4 year old boy,, the trainer said she is extremly protective over all the fmily and its becoming a problem but we are trying to work it out.. i would never kick her out in the back yard, the least i can do is ty with a proffesional before i jump to any harsh decisions like ditch her, sell her kill her, and breeean...even though i am not a dog person i still love her, the trainer says we have a great relationship and it does look as if i am the boss over this dog, its not my fault she bit me, she is very well behaved, sits lays, gives me paws, settles down when told, gets laid down when told, on her bed, not bad for someone who doesnt like dogs, the trainer says i must like her, and that it might just be my hormones, we will see xx thanks again for the good advice



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