The Drama That Is My Life

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Confusion - November 26

Heres my dilemma, let me know if this is normal. I am 21 years old, my prime partying years. Not activly trying to get pregnant, using rhythm method along with withdrawl (same partner for over 5 years, both clean). Having a baby would be a very bad choice for me right no. I do not have patience, money or time to raise a child. However i am very irregular. I go anywhere from 28-40 days, varied each month. Everytime i am more than 28 days into my cycle i get antsy. I think i am pregnant, not to the point that i am buying tests. Its more like wishful thinking. My rational side knows that motherhood is a LONG way off for me, but when i get stomache cramps that fortell my period i get very upset. I get upset because it means that i am not pregnant. And at that moment i wish that i was. Then around the time i ovulate i am against the idea again. Off and on, i keep changing my mind. If i did get pregnant i would do my best. But if i dont i will do my best at being a fun young adult. What is the deal with me? Why do i cry when i get my period? Why do i wish i was pregnant? Thanks for listening!


lilmama - November 26

It is normal for you to be iffy about this. I was for a long time, until I found out I was pregnant, then I was extatic. Just guessing, but you are probably feeling like you are at the age to settle down and be an adult, but at the same time, it scares you to death, am I right? I went through this when I was 21, because I was engaged and wondering if I was making the right decision. Turns out right after we got married I was pregnant (maybe even before, we are still not sure.) Any way, I am 23 now, I have a 6 month old and I am 8 weeks pregnant, and couldnt be happer with my family. Just remember that God knows what you are ready for in your life, and when you are ready, you will be pregnant. Just try to enjoy your life as it is now, live it up and go to pleanty of bars, because that will all slow way down when you have kids! When you are ready, it will happen for you. Enjoy your life!!


tiffani - November 27

I know just how you feel. You want to be pregnant for so many wonderful reasons (which is why you get so let down when you get your period) but you are smart/mature enough to know that right now is not the ideal time for you to have a baby (which is why you are against it when you are ovulating). When you get to the point that you are not off and on changing your mind, I would suspect then you will be truly ready to have a baby. I am going through almost exactly the same situation. I am trying to decide on whether or not to have a 3rd and go through the exact same emotions you are when the thought of pregnancy crosses my mind. I hope this helps you. Best Wishes!


Put your thinking cap on - November 27

Subconciously you may desire a baby now but if you want the best for your baby you'll do it when it is the best for your baby. By that I mean you'll wait until you have a husband so your baby will have a full time father not just someone who can father a child. Your baby deserves a real father to help nurture and mold the baby's life. It is a lifetime commitment for husband and wife. Best wishes.


estee - November 27

i read that aboriginal wisdom says that the unborn and unconceived spirit first sends a "request" to the mother, asking to be conceived. they say that when a spirit is conceived, the parents are like gates for the spirit to come into his physical matter, his body. maybe you've received a request. i felt exactly like you are feeling now and after i've read this it was clear to me that i have received a request. but my materialistic mind kept me from understanding until i had this info practically thrown right at me. i truly felt that my at that point unconceived child sent a request to me. maybe you all think i am crazy, but that's just my experience. i am 4 months pregnant, 20 years old and truly feel that it was time for me to have this baby. call it the spirit's request, the biological clock or whatever you want, i know i've done the right thing for me and my baby.


To estee - November 27

I have some expensive swamp land for sale. Wanna buy some?


estee - November 27

no, that's cool. but do you have some jungle land?


HHmmm - November 28 could just be broody along with PMS at other times, we ladies are very complex creatures! Don't do anything until all parties are in favour x



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