The Father Of My Child

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bchorinsteinre - February 14

I keep asking my boyfriend to not smoke inside...... since im pregnant he keeps complaining at me because i still smoke... I dont have any support from him... He just makes me feel like c__p for doing it, but i dont think i can stop. Smoking inside is horrible anyway, but his excuse is that he is to lazy to walk down a flight of stairs to go outside to smoke... He already told me he wouldnt quit because of me.. so what i fear now is that that is a huge sign of his commitment later on.... if he cant commit to one little thing how can he commit to two huge things?


denimb__terfly - February 14

My experience has been that if he is not willing to do something like that for you then he's NOT going to commit to other things for you.


crackersforme - February 14

Why don't you both quit.


bchorinsteinre - February 14

Ive already tried that. He said *Im not the one who is pregnant.* Ive been trying to quit, but it is harder said than done, i have cut back conciderably. I go for about a day then end up not being strong enough to say no to myself. >.<


jazminesmom - February 14

when i was pregnant with my daughter i was a smoker and so was my hubby. i snuck a few ciggie here and there for about the first month, guess where i stole them out of hubbys pack when he found out i told him don't have them and i wont take them. now we are both smoke free and trying for baby # 2


jen327 - February 14

Hi, I know it is hard to quit smoking, I quit when I found out I was pregnant. And my mom told me to visualize every time I smoked holding my little baby when it is born and b__wing smoke right in its mouth. She said that is what you are doing with each puff. I am not kidding it was horribly hard. But I did it. I would put my foot down with your bf and tell him no more. You are pregnant with his child and he needs to support you in quitting. Like the previous person said, if he won't support you here, his behavior will predict how he will behave with other things. You really need to try and quit. I used the gum for a month, I broke it in half and wrapped it in a piece of regular gum. That way I could chew twice as much. Soon after a month I only needed the gum. Good luck!!!


lunamoo - February 15

Do you smoke inside...? I can understand his frustration if you ask him to go outside but you remain inside your home puffing away. You need to try to hold yourself to the same standards of what you expect from when you say, "if he can't committ to can he commit to two huge things..." What about you...? good luck!!


orchidmom - February 15

Its very bad ... he should understand your problem ...


missycc4 - February 15

Hello, Me and my husband were smokers until I found out I was pregnant. now 38 weeks. I smoked a few after but then stopped. He smoked for a month after I quit. then stopped so we are now both smoke free. I feel so much better to. I smoked a pack a day with my second child and he now has breathing problems. I feel soooo bad about it. Thank about it . that baby didn't ask to smoke and this baby didn't ask to be here in this world. If you want to smoke then smoke but thank about what your baby might want. You can't ask your boyfriend to quit if you won't quit. Life is a two way street. If you want him to quit then you need to quit. If you want to stop then he needs to go outside. its the lest he can do to support you and his babies health.


bchorinsteinre - February 15

I dont smoke inside. I dont support smoking inside, and before i started dating him i had never been in an environment where people smoked inside.... until this year i thought it was illegle.... ha! And its not like i still smoke as much as i used to, i was a pack 1/2 a day person, now im down to five. every week ive been cutting back one until im done with it. it is the only way i can see myself not smoking, i cant do the whole cold turkey way... i dont like the feeling of the withdrawls......



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