The Hospital Stay

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KrisD - April 27

Is there a certain amount of time we will be required to remain in the hospital after giving birth (normally and c-section)? Or does it vary by state or hospital or something... To those of you that have children, how long was your hospital stay?


nhb - April 27

I gave birth v____ally (was induced), went in on Wednesday afternoon, came out Saturday morning . . . I didn't give birth until Thursday night though, so I think it's supposed to be the second day after you have the baby. But depending on how long labor is is how long the whole stay is.


chel - April 27

Usually with a v____al birth, at our hospital, you are out within 24 hours of birth. With a c-section, you stay 72 hours.


Sam - April 27

The hospital in my town says no matter what, no less that 2 days. So if you come in and somehow have a miraculous 10 min labor, they'll keep you there for two days even if you and the baby are perfectly healthy. However, my mother went into the hospital to have me, had a 22 hour labor and they kicked her out 20 mins after I was born. The hospital i was born in was right on the border to Mexico so it was always over-crowded. That day, they had women giving birth in the hallways....


lilmum - April 27

Where i live (canada) the stay for a vag. delivery is about 24hours, but if you have the baby in the afternoon, you can be released as early as the next morning if you want to. I had a c-sec and they told me a MIN. of 72hours, but i had my baby at 2am, so i begged and pleaded to go the night before, and they said ok, cuz i was healing really well and i was up and walking the same day i had my baby. They have standards, but if you prove yourself healthy, or need extra help, it depends alot on that too.


Stephanie - April 27

I live in WA state and I had a three hour delivery ~ she was born at 6:44 p.m., and I was out by 5:00 p.m., the next day.


monica - April 27

california, with my son I was there for 2 days....and if baby does not latch or eating from the bottle then it could be more. but normally 2 days. I am glad that its not any less especially if you are a first time mom. I was nervous going home. Plus the food was really good and I like having a nurse anytime I wanted.


kris - April 27

When I had my son, the hospital told me it really has to more with what insurance will allow. I had my son 11 minutes after midnight so that did not count as a night. So I got to stay three nights which was really a blessing. 12 minutes earlier it would have been only two nights. (vag delivery by the way)


nelly - April 27

i went in to be induced friday morning at 7am and gave birth at 3:24am saturday and i got to go home monday morning.



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