The Name Max For A Boy Opinions Please

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CDN Baby - March 26

We're thinking of Max or Maxim for a boy. Some say it's a dog's name, I think it's cute for a kid or a man...


Jenn - March 26

I liked Maximillian-short would be max-but dh doesn't-But I do think it is cute!


d - March 26

I think it is cute!!


HannahBaby - March 26

its true...i have a dog named max....but its your child...


livdea - March 26

I nannied a boy named Max, his full name is Maxwell and I love it! I love the name Max...also knew a very hot hottie named Max as well...either way, dog, boy, hot man...I'm game! Think its super cute!


seven - March 26

dogs and cat r starting to be given people names more and more .. look at my newest cat his name is dale, my aunts dogs name is maggie. just people a few people name there pat by a certain name doesn't mean you cant give your child that name is u like it. have fun finding a name


Mommy - March 26

Maxim is the name of a "mens" magazine that has a bunch of stuff about s_x and half naked girls. Max itself is a cute name, but anytime I her it I think of a dog I had when I was little. I like it on a boy or man, too though. Sounds manly, LOL.


Olivene - March 27

Love Max! Maxim makes me think of the magazine. I have to say every time I think of the magazine I remember reading an article in it (an old boyfriend's) about how to make a woman think you are into her enough that she will give you a b__w job. Sorry, but that's what I think of with Maxim.


oz - March 27

Max by itself - I LOVE IT!! Its cute but will also be manly when he gets older.


drea - March 27

I LOVE IT!!! it is my favorite name for a boy, it is soooooo cute.


CDN Baby - March 27

I do realize that Maxim is a men's magazine, but pronounced with stress on the "im" is pretty common from where I'm from, Quebec. Maxell is a variation I like too, but maybe we'll just keep it Max .


lissica - March 29

yes i do have a dog named Max(along with lots of other ppl) but i think it's a very solid name for a boy and very darling.


Kristy - March 29

I think Max is an adorable name. I am partial though because that is my nephew's name! : )


anngee - March 29

i like it. go for it!


Julie29 - March 29

I love it but I like Maxwell much better than maxim


MeaganG - March 30

Honestly I dont like it because my boyfriends dog is Max actually Maxwell but u understand, just think about if your baby would get teased in school if they had the name Max. I was named after my moms dog Meagan so I know whats its like.


CDN Baby - March 31

To Meagan: I think any name can be used to tease with. It depends on how popular a child is. There was a boy named Jayne when I was in school who was never teased because of his feminin name since he was so good looking...I'm also surprised that you would have been teased with a name like Meagan which is beautiful for a girl, not funny, and very strange for a dog! But thanks for your opinion.



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