The Other Half Just Got Neutered

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Heidi - August 26

Ha ha! My fiance asked me to go with last minute today so I went and watched. Interesting! I told them to make sure they do a really good job too. Can't wait to get home and see how he's feeling. Not good I suppose. I have my shower tomorrow so he'll have some peace and quiet. I told him he and the dog have a lot in common now. Hee hee! The doc said, one last chance to reproduce and I looked at my belly and said, don't think it's gonna matter. Ha ha! He whined a little about the pain and I said, we'll talk pain in two months dear!!!!! Even if it's not that bad, I'll over draumatize it just for his sake. Ha!


Maggie - August 26

Heidi you are a fortunate girl. My husband and I are expecting # 2 now. We know we will have 1 more child after this one. He would NEVER get a vasectomy. I had to agree to get my tubes tied after the next one. Good Luck with the rest of your pregnancy, and go get that man an ice-pack :-p


Heidi - August 26

This is my first one and last. His buddy is making his wife get her tubes tied but she's also having a C/S whereas I'm not so I said forget it! It's easier for him than me!!! I thought for a while there he was gonna high tail it out of the waiting room cus it took forever to finally get in. Ha ha! I bet it would have looked funny me, pregnant, chasing him through the parking lot. Ha ha! I had the car keys though.


chelsey - August 26

Heidi, just wondering where abouts you live? Did your fiance have to pay an insane price for his vasectomy? My husband is getting one. I figured I have the babies, he can do something too! And do you know, are they reversable if they are done correctly?


Heidi - August 26

His insurance pays 100% or a $15 office copay. Either way, that's cheap. We live in Minnesota. His doc told him it's permanant but if you have a reversal there's a really slim chance it will work and it's not covered by your insurance and very expensive and I heard very painful. Now my friend's ex husband was fixed and had a reversal done years later and it worked as he has two other kids with his new wife.


chelsey - August 26

I just called the Vasectomy Clinic... its free under our healthcare (Canada), but they charge you 30$ if you opt for the numbing needle. Think he'll be going right away! My brothers fiance got her tubes tied about 6 years ago, and now wants it reversed. It'll cost her almost $5000 to do that, according to her doctor! Yikes!


Maggie - August 26

You know, you ladies are right. I'm giving birth to these babies. I have a really good shape for v____al delivery, so unless the baby is in distress I won't have a c-section. Thanks ladies, you gave me something to think about.


Heidi - August 26

They also do something called a Vasaclip but it's not covered under our insurance cus it's still experimental and our doc said he's not ordering anymore either cus they're not 100% successful. Scary thought. I want to make sure he's shooting blanks before this baby comes!!!!


To Heidi - August 26

Can I ask why you decided to go this route? Are you old enough now where you might not change your mind?


Jen - August 26

My husband is going to get one to but we want to wait till the baby is a year old so we know everything is ok(with the baby) . This will be baby #2.


Curious - August 27

Its non of my business but just wondering why not wait till the baby arrive safely before vasectomy? Not being negative but sometimes bad things do happen to good people.It wont hurt to make sure everything is ok before resorting to such a drastic action. Hope you wont get offended by my question, if you do, my apologies :p


Jules - August 27

How old are you and how many kids do you already have? Are you definite that you dont ever want any more kids in future? From what I read, the reversal price is not that cheap nor it is guaranteed to be reverted back to normal.


Hmmm - August 27

I agree that this things are done too quickly. I know Heidi that with you what is done is done, but this message is more for women who might think of getting it done. I knew a man who was happily married and had a vasectomy. Then his wife pa__sed away young and he got remarried. It was horrible that he could not have any more kids with her. He really wanted some. So, the opposite could happen too ladies. Just really think things out first. My mom had her tubes tied but she was in her early 40's...she knew for sure that kids were no longer in her future.


To Heidi - August 27

You mentioned this is your first and last baby, but the baby is not even born yet! And why should it matter if he shoots live rounds instead of blanks, afterall you are pregnant right now.No harm waiting till you deliver at the very least. I know that its already done but for the other ladies in the same situation...please reconsider before taking this move, be it vasectomy or tubal ligation. Too much ha__sle if things dont work out as planned.Just my 2 cents worth, no offence intended.


kellie - August 27

What's done is done, but I agree, it seems a little soon. Being that it is your first baby you may find that you enjoy being a parent more than you anticipated and would like another child. I know many people who thought they would never want kids, until they had one......then ended up having a large family. Also, being that the baby is not even born yet there could be complications that you were not's horrible to think about but it can happen. My husband & I have talked and he has agreed to get a vasectomy one day, but in the distant future when we are absolutely sure that our family is complete.


Lia - August 27

The way you put it seems more like a fun situation instead of a big serious decision. Well I hope alls well ends well. Good Luck.


.;((( - August 27

Our only son pa__sed away two years ago. We were beyond devastation. My husband had reversed the v/s but still I am not pregnant yet.I am 39 and hope its still not to late to have another baby though nothing could replace our precious child. I just pray that I get pregnant real soon.



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