The Pill Pull Out Method Questions Greatly Appreciated

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Linds - March 22

I'm currently on the pill, and the only other form of contraceptive that my boyfriend and I use is the pull-out method. I am very good about taking my pill on time every day. I'm wondering what the chances of getting pregnant are, using both of these methods? Any advice would be appreciated!!!


louise - March 22

you'd be better off using condos so there is a minial risk of sperm getting int your reproductive area. no pill is 100% effective. i knw soeone ho has two beautiful kids and they were on both pill and condoms. so it des happen. nt to scare you but condoms would be your best bet and even spermicide cream


Linds - March 22

I also forgot to mention that we have both been tested, and are both clean of STDs. We have been dating for a few years now.


luise - March 22

thats not why i mentined the condoms. the pill can not protect 100% from pregnancy. if you dnt want to concieve id add an additional frm f contraception to your list.


Maleficent - March 23

when i was on the pill my husband and i relied on it as our only form of birth control. didn't even pull out. never got pregnant on the pill. it all depends how well your body reacts to the birth control hormone. unfortunatly, there is no way to test the pill's accuracy. just know that any time you have s_x there IS a risk of getting pregnant.


Jeri - March 23

I would never use condoms in addition to the pill in a mutually exclusive relationship (after testing) and I've never been pregnant. It seems like overkill. Good for you, though, because you are SERIOUS about not getting pregnant.


tara - March 23

There are no conraceptives that are 100% so if you don't want to get pregnant the more careful you are the safer you will be. There are some couples who only use the pill but I, myself know about 3 girls who got pregnant on the pill...I can only imagine how many other people out there ended up the same.



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